Sunday, July 5, 2009

Age of Conan - Lone wolf again

Well, as some may notice, my guild link is gone at the top of my page.

My characters were removed last night as I took my leave of House of Heroes.

Something struck me as I logged off on what happened at HoH.

A small guild with a select number of clientele, usually becomes a force to be reckoned with when you attempt to break into that clique.

Things started earlier this past week when after Tuesdays raid, there was not much discussion on how the raid went. The subject seemed to not be it was taboo.
I made an effort to open this talk by posting on their forums. It had been used some, and I felt maybe this was a good place to start.

A few seemed to agree with looking at strats, but some did not.

That is ok...that is the way it should be.

But, I noticed as some posted there, the discussions centered on player specifics. Mention of players by name doing jobs instead of by class (as should be in regards to strat).
Example. Poster notes that as "Jimmy" tanks, "Jane" priest needed to be ready to do specific things...yadda. Instead of "Guardian" tanks, "Priest" needs to be ready...etc.

Basically they already were stationed in their parts and knew each other by name and what that players purpose was. In so many words, how does the new player in the guild fit into all this?

The week progressed, and in game as I would start discussions, I noted they went nowhere. No one wished to talk about anything IN the guild.
I would log in, say hello...and that was pretty much it. No "Whats up today" or "Are we forming any groups".
When these WERE mentioned, no one said anything.
Friday night saw 10+ of our level 80 characters logged in, yet no one was discussing anything, and no raids were being discussed.

I joined the guild TO raid.

Everything culminated on Saturday.

As I was logged in, a number of the other main team members logged in, including two or three of the leaders.
I started to try discussing things, and trying to see what everyone was up to.
At one point the creator of the guild and the person who invited me asked

"Who are you?" "I forgot" was her answer when I asked why?

I was taken aback.

Now, I do not expect them to know me "personally" or anything like that. But, having run several groups with this person, a raid and discussion on forums with them specifically, and more (even had a /pst discussion in tell about the guild and what not)....

This seemed unacceptable to me for a leader.

I did not mention the other leader who does NOT type and will only talk on vent...again, not an issue. But, if it even deters the player from typing "hello" as happened ALL the time, I think there is a serious issue of mismanagement when nurturing new players.

I am assured that in some guilds I could become a number eventually, and not a person. It is not this that is my issue here or in that large guild.

If we are to succeed as a guild, I need to be active within that guild as a player, as my class. If I am not seeing motivation to form groups, schedule raids, etc...and knowing who I am in that active role...then that guild does not seem motivated to me to be an ACTIVE guild who wishes to grow.

And if you do not KNOW me and I am not ACTIVE enough with you to get to know you...this seems like a guild on decline.

I have taken my leave of this attempt to guild.

I have also started a character on another server which has ben noted to be the larger of the two main PvE servers. Lets see how this pans out, and if it is active.

Basically, I am the lone wolf again. I am taking a break from trying to find a guild now. I will play, join "PuG" raids, and hope for the best.

Not really off to a good start though am I in regards to endgame.

A game I finally find where I WANT to do the endgame, and cannot because I am deterred by others who already have been at the top and have formed their cliques.

Well, I am off for now...I appreciate what HoH has done, but I think they need to be ready to nurture newer players, as they seem to be dwindling in their old friendships.



Anjin said...

That's annoying. I think Ghostcrawler was the one who said 25 man raids deserved better gear than 10 man raid for the simple reason that it's harder to manage that many more people. He's right, at least about the difficulty.

Hope your scouting mission on the new server bears fruit.

John said...

What server did you form on? I'm on Wiccana with a 36 DT. I'd be more than happy hanging with you and starting up PUGs for any of the instances that come our way. I enjoy your blog immensely!

Openedge1 said...

I joined Wiccana with my new PoM. Every indication IS that it is the busiest server.
If transfers come about, I will also move my main and my level 56 HoX over as well.
I think the population is dwindling on SET, and with almost NO raids happening in Global, I may be right.

You are so right also. I had several large guilds in GW and in EQ2, and trying to keep everyone motivated is difficult. But it is possible...and I feel HoH was not putting too much effort into building the relationships needed for a small guild...
And as to large guilds, I know I would be a number..
But, that number would give me a set schedule of raids or group oriented events that worrying about them knowing "who" I am would be more about my skill, than me having to log into vent and "chat" to attempt to be friends.


Hudson said...

"Who are you?" "I forgot" was her answer when I asked why?"

UGH. Been there. Sorry to hear that man

Openedge1 said...

Whats funny is..I don't care if you DON'T know me. I do NOT expect everyone to know me.
What I DO expect is some respect tho'. Telling someone you forgot they existed is pretty much tantamount to not caring about the people in your guild.

There are better ways to find out who is who without making them feel left out in the main guild channel so everyone else sees..

Rotten leadership.

Openedge1 said...

If you read this, let me know...send me your in game name so I can friend you on there (Wiccana)

Looking to move some characters and may move my 56 HoX over


Yasmina said...

Hey, Openedge1 and other Wicanna players :)

Yasmina said...

Argh, meant to say, hello and please feel free to friend me on Wicanna (Yasmina is my main).