Thursday, July 16, 2009

Age of Conan - Continued adventures

The last few days have been super. The family gets together, we have supper, maybe watch a show while we about our day..

Then log into Age of Conan to commit many pixellated deaths!

Right now, my PoM is level 26 and my sons Dark Templar is 26...the wife's Demo hit 27 and she is part way through that to 28.
This is working out fine for us as well.
Our trio is devastating to much so that we have defeated (with a bit of work) a level 30 boss in Conalls Valley, part of Cimmeria.

We chose Cimmeria for several reasons. First, it is a place I have not investigated much, thus. the wife has not seen it. My son loves the snowy mountains moreso than the volcanic Greecian quality of Aquilonia or Deserts of Stygia.
But, as my son and myself play catchup with the wife, we have strayed into the Wild Lands in Aquilonia to complete several quests there. So, it allows us to have other zones to quest in when the wife does not play or we are trying this "Catch Momma" game.

As well, I have put time into my HoX and made it to level 60, and I am already close to level 61. Of note is several zones have opened up for him...with Ymirs being played and now Thunder River along with Atzels Fortress zones, I have a lot to do.
There is no doubt the "Start at 50" deal really paid off for me. Level 50+ in AoC is full of rich content, dungeons and more.
Excited about leveling my HoX.

Otherwise...not much else going on. Of note, I plan to move some hardware around in our setup in the house and do an upgrade of the main system. Looking at a deal on a Nvidia GTX280, which looks awesome.
Also, this weekend, I plan to get back to a raid or two with Bloodline. I have Amatheon keyed for Wing 1 and hope to get to that as well.

Age of Conan is definitely proving to be a great game of choice...



Longasc said...

I think it is the Vanir and the Ymirish giants that make Conall's Valley a great area. They were also smart to incorporate Kern Wolfseye into the story, though it is not really related to the story of Loren Coleman's Wolfseye novels.

Sharon said...

Conall's Valley is one of my favorite zones. Between the haunting music, the sweeping vistas with little narrow mountain paths, and the signs of battles that just ended, the whole area just has a really neat atmosphere.

Openedge1 said...

Big agree. I am really glad we stayed here to quest. I and the wife set our homes there for now (Wife is Stygian and I am Aquilonian)

Been in the spider caves so far...but, nothing will stop me from going to Khemi and heading to the desert for Black Castle and the Pyramid...those are awesome inside zones and I LOVE em!


Anjin said...

I'm really glad that I ended up questing in Conall's Valley. I loved running down the hills and seeing the entire valley stretched out before me. Can't wait to see what other sights I can find.

John said...

Each of the cultural zones has some spectacular scenery, but the Conall's Valley and Eiglophian Mountains are two of my favourites...

Every time I take a new character through each of these areas I end up with about 20 or 30 more screenshots of the scenery...

Maybe I should start a photo album :)

Riknas Sarn said...

Good to know you're enjoying yourself man! In my first start I did a lot of work in Cimmeria, though now I'm having a nice look around the stygian deserts, so far I find the most fun beating in Nemedian skulls in the Wild Lands and Border Ranges.

The game has made a great turn around, I must say. If you're interested we can hook up, show you around the RP community. Good times and all that jazz.

Openedge1 said...


What server are you on?
We are on if you are in the EU...bummer.

But, hey, if you are around and wish to join...send me a tell in game and I will add you.
Xerthes is the name!

Riknas Sarn said...

No good sir, I reside with the RPers on the Cimmerian server, I'll roll upa character to meet with you!