Tuesday, July 21, 2009


And for good reason.

We have been playing up a storm at home. The trio have hit level 34 already, and the fun is just getting better.

We took our first foray into the Pyramid of the Ancients. Most mobs were level 37+, and the challenge for a trio was spot on. The son suffered his first death since leaving Tortage here not realizing he could not pull more than 5 of these mobs...lol.

Armor is good...but not THAT good.

Speaking of armor, we also have been goofing off and buying armor sets off the Trader and Fine Armor shops in town for one main purpose. We wear "civilian" clothes when we are in town.
Guess who came up with that idea?

My Son...oh YEA!!

I will make sure to post some pics of those soon. For those who argue there is no variety of armor in AoC...well, wait until you see this stuff! Of course stats suck, so I see why we do not see this type of armor around much.

Our next main goal is to hit 40 so we all get horses. Around level 36, we will see if we can enter the Field of the Dead, which is a level 40+ zone. That should be exciting.

It does look like leveling actually goes faster and is more efficient with a group...who woulda thunk it?

Anyways, if the blog seems quiet here and there, this is why. Also, make sure to follow me on Twitter as I can say a lot more seeing I am limited to 140 characters (Huh?...WTF??)


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