Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Age of Conan - New players

I have been pretty busy at work, and not had much time to well as gaming like a madman since this past weekend.

But, I wanted to touch base about some new players coming into the game.

My wife and my son..

That's right. We plan to set up a trio.

My son had tried the beta of Aion and was hooked. He really loved the style of play, and had great thoughts about us as a family playing a game together. An MMO is a good choice to all jump in together. We all have systems in the house, so it was ready to go!

I agreed on this deal.

I tried to have him play in Guild Wars as I thought maybe with it's visual style, and "freeness" (being free), he would like it. But, it proved to be a little more difficult to him.
I then popped him into Conan. I thought being a Halo player, he could grasp the controller scheme I created to play the game, so let him try a melee character.
He panicked when 3 mobs attacked at once. He could not figure out how to face, etc.
I was confused over why this happened. I then thought that maybe it was the fact that he had to memorize so many button presses. Maybe the CASTER would be the way to go.
Sure enough. He went with a Demonologist, and LOVED it.

Something about killing mobs before they get to you seemed like great fun.

So, with keys being cheap (I got him 30 days for 9.99), I set him up today. Luckily, the wife has been watching and not playing MMO's for a while...and it looks like she may be jonesing. So, we will also reactivate her account.

Awesome trio fun!!

As to the raiding, since I have joined Bloodline, they now have scheduling, so I plan to go that route and do scheduled raids, so I can have a set day and time to do this. I can also focus on my new level 58 (yes, 8 levels in about a week) HoX to get him to max.

Ok...back to the work grind. Need more XP!

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Anjin said...

It's nice that you have so many gamers in the same house. Hope you three have fun, er.... triumph in all your battles!