Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Age of Conan - Raid! - Retry? Abort!

Talk about a mess.

Tuesday of course is raid night for House of Heroes, and we took our first swipe at Vistrix since patch.
Some players tried her this weekend on alts, but it seems none were very happy.
One of our guild leaders seemed well informed on some changes that took place, so we felt pretty confident going in.

As we attempted the run, we met with utter failure.

I do not blame the guild.

Instead we heard many an issue with players "Red lining" (lag spikes causing the player to not have the capability to move), getting stunned while out of range, aggro being a pain, Vistrix moving away from the main tank group and having wasted members of the team on adds that are as weak as overland mobs.
Basically Vsitrix became incredibly hard, and the trash became a cakewalk. Wasted capabilities of the team thanks to changed mechanics for patch 1.05 equalled 3 hours of lost time for all.

3 Attempts, 3 hours, zero downage!

The forums are discussing the tactics of this particular fight, but we already see issues in that respect. Some state not being able to down her. Some downed her in one try (of course we have seen no statement of Tier gear, etc. which all could have an effect on this raid). All agree that it has changed tremendously. Most agree for the worst.

Now, who knows. She may go down next time, but we are unsure. Too many have real lives that an attempt at her again last night was nixxed.
It also made me jaded being a new raider in how I feel about this. I had learned the mechanics of the 3 tier one raids, and was working toward my gear. Now, I am unhappy with wasting 3 hours of my time for zero outcome.

Most likely this will change though, and I will try again. But, so far, two failures in a row on Vistrix makes me leery of returning to that hellhole again.

We will see.

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