Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Age of Conan - Latest on the "Alt" situation

This past weekend, I created my new level 50 alt. This alt is given to everyone that has a level 50 or when they reach level 50, will instantly get.
This is a cool premise, and allows you to get right into the meat of the game and get to end level sooner.

You only get one chance, so I really did my homework before doing this.

I have been wanting an extra character to swap out for raids, and if I have the patience (which I have not in the past), I could have a swappable raider in a month or so.
I went with a Herald of Xotli to make myself a DPS based class. I have a soldier (off tank) and have been slowly working on a healer as well.
This is Tabari.

So far, I am having a lot of fun with him, so much so, that I am playing him exclusively.
The healer has not been that fun to play, and overall spell casters seem to bore me in AoC. They remind me too much of the Diku MMO's of my past.

Really wish they would enable combos for casters.

Tabari's main attacks deal with fire. Damage is fast, and kills happen quickly. So much so, that being a Cloth wearer, damage does not seem to have time to take me down. Especially seeing I spend a lot of combat face to face. This is pretty impressive.

Talk about one fun class.

On to Amatheon. I have been gearing him up to start raids this week. I had worked hard on getting him his culture set, and this weekend bought the pants. This now makes for a pretty complete set. I have the helmet, pants and chest piece now.

Also wearing my new Tier 1 boots...Woohoo.

House of Heroes starts raids again tonight, and I hope to down Vistrix. Seems he has become considerably more difficult, so I hope it does not hurt too much.
I need him to unlock my Wing 1 raid, so I can run those on the weekends.

Here is hoping!

Anyways, I have not posted much because as you can see, I am super busy. The game really has taken off. The patch is awesome...but, eventually I need to do one of my rant posts to keep the playing field even.
Watch for that soon.

Thursday, I will be playing Aion. I got in on the Fileplanet beta. Also with it being 4th of July, I will be able to play for a while. Not sure when it ends either...but, it said we can level to 20.
Lets see if my jaded attitude toward Diku MMO's will be alleviated by Aions gorgeousness.



Anjin said...

Herald of Xotli is a class I've seen a number of people mention that they enjoy.

Gah! Stop putting ideas in my head. I've only started playing. I don't want to roll an alt yet. :)

gordon said...

The HoX is an awesome class - very original and lots of fun. I'd love to see similar classes in other games.

So you only get 1 lvl 50 alt then? Shame but understandable.

As for casters... yeah, they seemed really dull to me compared to melee classes. Even their fatalities suck.

Kill said...

HoX will probably be my free lvl 50 alt too. I'm playing a ToS and I haven't played a mellee class yet.

Wielding a big 2 handed sword and getting to turn into a demon sounds too cool!