Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Age of Conan - Guild City changes a coming..

As I have discussed recently, with patch 1.05, changes will be taking place with Guild Cities.

A mostly underused resource for players, the cities have only been good for sieges...and thats it (some people will go there, but then leave to do resource gathering..)

Thanks to patch 1.05, new changes will be taking place as follows. (Note some items require a specific Tier to be applicable...luckily my guild, Fellowship of Souls has a full blown Guild City...woot)

Path of Comrades [TIER 3]
Learned from the Wise woman in the temple for 1 gold, this allows you a free Path of Asura to your guild city, which is highly worth it. (this is like a quick travel option from anywhere in the world to your City. Like a hearthstone)

Guard Captain: provides transport to all three border kingdoms (One issue has always existed for the cities. Once you go, it is difficult to get back to anywhere unless you use your Home City Path of Asura. Now, you can travel to any major zone...awesome)

revamped, tables around the inside, and a small crowd in the center (Some pictures will follow of this. Makes it look populated)

Keep(only tested tier 3 by a player)
Only two sets of stairs going up instead of 4 (more for siege purposes)

Old Tarantia Wagoneer inside (this is the major hub city in AoC, so quick transport rocks)

Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, barracks:
Added more walling around them (i think =p) they're now more fitting with the rest of the tier 3 buildings (sieges)

Trade post:

Crate of potions vendor added

Pet vendor added [TIER 3] (This is a new feature for patch 1.05 ..social pets. Again, an awesome addon)

Khemi and Conarch wagoneers outside [TIER 3] (These are quest hubs, so more fast travel to get to the action)

Beggar which provides wisdom buff if donated to. (hehe...funny)

Whore which can provide good or bad buffs. (-2 constitution = tired, Tingly= 10 OOC mana regen) (How naughty is THAT. Sounds like a Fable thing)

bookcases added

gates will remain open if clicked on, until you click them again

various NPCs roam the city, beggars, dogs, guards, snakes

There is a huge call for the citites to look "real", and for them to be useful. I do not travel to mine, as I have no reason. Now, I do. I can go to my city, do some resource hunting, then head to a major quest hub, etc.

This is pure win for the Guild City!

Here is a photo album showing some of these changes.

This I just cannot wait for...lets get this rolling folks.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds cool! I was never a big fan of guild cities though - didn't see the point in them so I never went. If they're making them more vibrant, maybe people will go more often and get more use out of it.