Monday, June 8, 2009

Fellowship of Souls

I want to take a moment and give a shout out to my fellow guildies of one of the largest guilds on the SET server in Age of Conan.

The Fellowship of Souls.

A great bunch of people, with a collection of casual and hardcore players. Raiding, playing, solo, grouping.

The concerted effort by several high key members (Thotholyte, a sub leader who is a guild events mastermind and Chrystov, who I joined up with to help guildies run quests and gear in a lower level dungeon with my other character, Ethalos) helping other players have fun is truly incredible.

Today in my game mail, someone sent me a piece of killer armor for my Dark Templar, Amatheon, named Seshtanun. No real reason except he thought I could use it. Just like when I hit level 70, and a weapons crafter just up and sent me a weapon they crafted for hitting 70.

A good lot. So, this is my glass raised to you guys. I may not get to play much, and not get to see you often, but greets and many gratitudes for what you guys do!

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