Monday, June 8, 2009

Age of Conan - Amazing weekend

Ok, first off. No matter how many may feel about Age of Conan. Let me get this straight. These servers are NOT dead.

I was amazed at how many people were playing. The multitude of raids, dungeons, etc. It was mind numbing.

Anyways, so much this weekend, it is going to take all week to tell ya.

Just a little checklist
  • Leveled to 79
  • New Helmet bought
  • Advancement in my resource gathering
  • Two raids ran (and downed)
  • New dungeon found.
  • New story line started...
  • Reset my skill tree
Needless to say. A long and fruitful weekend.

Oh to top this all off? The LCD TV issue for AoC DX10...100% solved.
Yep, got that sucker figured out.

Seems both Vista and Windows 7 are guilty of this. I have discussed this previously, but, Age of Conan in DX10 wants to scale weirdly and just does not work well with mice...and only on an LCD TV (some clues lead to the HDCP issues, and good ole copy protection being the culprit).
But, I decided to look at the options available to the excutables when you right click directly on the files.
Under the settings for "Compatibility" is the standard "Run in "Windows xxx version" for compatibility (which would drop DX10 if I lowered it to XP...duh)..but, also are two other items. "Disable desktop composition" and "Disable Display Scaling in high DPI settings".
Both of these intrigued me, due to the fact that display scaling is actually one of the major issues I had (since switching to Windows 7, I had to run the game in 1920x1080p to get it to display 1280x720p in the game...weird).
But, as well, desktop composition attempts to use Windows built in capabilitites to display all items in the same manner as the desktop.
So if the user scales fonts and icons for example, other programs and games will play well with the desktop and try to do the same.
With both of these disabled, I can suceessfully run AoC in any resolution, with no mouse issues (the mouse is actually not even off center, which was a concern as well, as some scrollbars would not work unless the mouse point was off center).


(PS: Funcom says they still have not figured out the issue, and cannot replicate it...yet, cannot tell me which TV they are working on...go figure).

I also am not alone as more of these issues are popping up on the support forums, and I have had several people stop by complaining of the same thing...they all thought they had computer issues.
Like me.

Going to post this as a help on their forums for others who exhibit this problem. Hope to help someone!

Ok...better run...cya all soon, with juicy photos and stories up the wazoo.

Stay tuned. And most likely the special event...Level 80... should happen this week...!


jeff said...

So was the run from 20-80 pretty enjoyable the whole way thru? As in 'was it fun'?

Openedge1 said...

Until I hit 73, I was having a ball.
Of course, we need to keep in mind, at level 45, I quit my first run, as that was when Gaute was still in charge and turning the game into trash.

After Scott took over, I came back, and have stuck it out since.

Once patch 1.05 hits, ALL levels will be filled with content and the game will be a whole new experience.
I am thinking that I may start from scratch...hehe