Thursday, June 11, 2009

I play MMO's for 15 bucks a month

Just so I can login to their servers. Thats IT.

Really, what do they offer otherwise?
Development? Some..
Servers Upkeep? Some...

Technical Support?.......

This is the biggest issue for me.

Several issues have arisen for me in Age of Conan and now Dungeons and Dragons Online. Each of these issues I have entered tickets on. Each of these issues give me fun replies like...

"I'm afraid I do not have anything else solid I can suggest for you to try"

All of these issues I have ended up fixing myself. Thats the kicker.

For example, the LCD TV issue in Age of Conan DX10 was an ongoing problem, totally replicable on multiple LCD's here, different brands...yet, Funcom had no ideas...and even noted they could not replicate the issue.
I have even had people tell me they have the same issue, and several forum posts are out there for other games in DX10.
In Funcoms favor, it ended up being a Microsoft issue, as other games do this as well (DDO is an example), yet other games, like Devil May Cry 4 do not do this.


But, out of this, Turbine has proven to be the most irresponsible...complete with no email to let me know they received my ticket, my post sitting dead on the forum about the issue...and then I figure it out on my own after trying different variations of fixes..

I still have no email follow up.

So, really. I am paying a monthly fee to just login to these games.

Time for all these games to go RMT!

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