Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Age of Conan - Attributes lists

As part of patch 1.05, a change in the layout of the Attributes for the player has been adopted.

This is basically a mathematicians dream, with so much data to track, especially with how gear works.

First off, lets look at the screens I have here for each tab of Attributes..

There is quite a bit of detail here. Originally most of this data was relegated to just one tab. So, the fact 4 tabs seperated with tons of info really is pretty nice.

So far this is just one piece to the puzzle. I will try to get the gear data out soon as well.

The next few days is going to be harsh, so stick around for all the changes.


1 comment:

Jukasa said...

This patch just might make me continue my 1 month subscription!

I have always loathed the meaningless stats and items before the patch.. :P