Friday, June 5, 2009

Age of Conan - Just one word..


First ever, and it was...well, interesting.

I joined up with an Aussie guild this morning, Rising Phoenix, who were raiding Yakhmar.

Basically, I was the only DT, and they wanted to make sure loot rot would get everyone a chance to get an item (seems not many DT's running these).

I got the funky job of kiting adds i.e: running around like an idiot when extra mobs appeared. Not a dream job for sure. And I just do not see how a DT, whose main attribute is "staying alive" can help enrage mobs.

Anyways, time was limited for everyone who either had to work or go to We got 2 runs at it, but wiped both times.
I will not complain, as it was my first true raid (besides fighting a land boss in EQ2, which did not require so much strategy).

Anyways, some pics to share...

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Scott said...

Sweet! Congrats man!

I gotta say, the closer you get to 80 and the more exciting stuff you're getting (and taking!) the opportunity to do, the more excited I get for you just from reading about it.

Keep going, I'm counting the days til you're 80!