Tuesday, June 23, 2009

AoC, EQ2, Drakensang, Prototype

Heck...I wanted to write a post that dealt with what is coming for AoC...but, I wanted to touch on these other games that are in my list.

First up is EQ2. Well, it is more about "Not much" about EQ2.
I did have some nostalgic feelings as I played through my first 10 levels, but I am, at this point, not feeling it to log back in.
Do not get me wrong, I think it was fun what I was doing...just since I have done some changes in Conan, I actually am having more fun in AoC than EQ2...that I just do not feel the urge to log back into EQ2.

Another distraction is Drakensang. This has become a family past time game (along with 1vs100 on Xbox Live). Basically we just chat and play this together all on the couch. Each person actually contributes to that game time, thus making it a fun diversion in the evenings.

Finally , Prototype has become my "hop in" game and do stuff when I wish to blow a few minutes or less than an hour, which also then detracts from EQ2.

What I really think it has to do with is the fact that no matter how many times I have tried, going back to that old MMO style seems to not really keep my interest for long.
This worries me down the road when Aion launches, and if I will be able to handle the grindy style of questing that everyone keeps mentioning (tons of fetch quests and kill 10x).
As long as it looks gorgeous (which EQ2 really does not, as it is starting to look long in the tooth with the ugly textures and funny looking models) and combat is smooth...it will rock my socks.

But, here is the meat. Age of Conan. Dangit, I really am enjoying myself.

I started a new Herald of Xotli, and man oh man, what an awesome class to play. Fire, decapitations galore, more fire, more fatalities than I can shake a stick at.
Things just die faster overall with this character.
Also, it is Tuesday night, and this will be my first Raid night with these guys. I need to kill Vistrix again specifically as he holds the key to the Black Ring Citadel. Once I have that key, I can enter the wing one raids, and hopefully start to get some Tier 1 gear.

But, the big news this week? Patch 1.05 may launch Wednesday.

I have spent some time on Testlive with my level 80 Dark Templar, Amatheon.
What I noticed on his copy over today is all of my feats stayed intact. I had made changes about a month ago for raiding and it has been quite effective. So much so that when the update comes, I do not need to change one single thing.
So, this may go pretty smooth, except for the raids.
Seems many changes have taken place in that arena, and I have yet to try this thanks to being so new to it. Isn't that nice that it could all change from what I have been learning?
Other basic changes like fixes to the DX10 client, and a whole new zone to quest in, this could be a make or break patch for Funcom.
The changes look good for Amatheon at least (Dark Templars may actually be wanted for more stuff...lol) and visually some major updates.
I took some screenies and will hopefully post those soon of what some things look like.

And thats it. Quite a bit there. A lot going on, especially with gaming. Having a blast so far this summer.

Now...back to it!


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