Saturday, June 27, 2009

Age of Conan - "Oh what a night.."

Continuing my run of old songs and how they match to how my game time is going...(sorry it is disco this time)

Anyways, just wanted to touch base and let you guys know that the news on Patch 1.05 is pretty amazing.

Went on a raid for the first time with the new guild last night, and downed the toughest Tier 1 boss, Kyllikki, with no deaths. I also got to walk out with a shiny new pair of boots!

(UPDATED: Added original format (top) and new gear stats format (bottom), so you can note the difference of how the gear works. Talk about a more readable set of numbers eh?.)
Great stuff. Well run raid, and the fact that strats changed, the fights were tougher, this proved to be more fun and challenging.

Can't wait for the next raid!

The guild also is proving to be quite personable and good to talk to. I chatted on vent with two members for about an hour after the raid discussing gaming in general. We were duly impressed with the fact that as other MMO's get easier, AoC decided to get tougher, and in doing so has become more exciting to log into.
One member is a regular EQ2 player, and has been for years. But, says when it comes time to raid, for now he wants to play AoC...
Maybe it is the newness, but he said he feels the game offers something more, with the challenge of the raids, and the differences of the strats.
The other, an avid Robert E Howard enthusiast could not stop going on about how the game captures the world in his eyes, and when he steps into character, he sees the books everytime.

This is high praise.

And these guys have been playing AoC for about 10 months there is a contingent of longevity within this guild.

Ok, enough excitement for this morning...time to log in for a while and figure out what I want for my level 50!



Hudson said...

Uh oh, when Edge starts posting Purple Loot he has arrived!

Nice work :)

John said...

Grats on the loot and on finding a good guild.

These are few and far between (both the loot and good guilds) :(