Sunday, June 21, 2009

Age of Conan - Raid Diary

I wanted to take a moment and share some of the screenies I have captured of the various raids I have been on and successfully defeated (hooray).
So far I am still up in the air about raids. I enjoy the strats and learning to do these properly. But, I also hate the fact that I have been on about 8 so far and had ZERO drops for my class. It feels like drudgery with no rewards.

Luckily I recently found out a storyline exists for each of the raids (and some have multiple reasons to return). There are quite a few as well. I am on the Tier 1 schedule, so until I get some armor I will be stuck with 3 of them.
The good news is I will add a 4th raid this week as I just received a quest to be keyed (basically like a token to get into this 4th raid). Once I have downed one of these tier 1 raids again, I can get into the #4 raid.

Here are the ones I have been on so far.

A large Ice Worm who lives in a cave in a group of mountains inhabited by Mammoths and Snow Leopards along with a multitude of BEARS (man I hate bears).

As you enter, you are greeted by an ominous glow coming from deep into the cave.

As you delve deeper you see what the worm has eaten...A Mammoths bones it seems.

Once we enter, Yakhmar is awakened

As Yakhmar grows angry, his little children are awakened, and must be dealt with.

But, Yakhmar is no match for our might.


Vistrix is a powerful Dragon that has plagued Conan's kingdom for some time. It seems the warrior bandits of Atzels attempt to awaken this slumbering beast for their own devices. They hope to use it to take down Conan's shining Aquilonia.

A hidden entry being threatened by a powerful sorcerer.

Snow falls within the entry to Vistrix lair.

Powerful Ice Worms protect the path to Vistrix.

A sharp drop greets our entry to Vistrix. This must mean there is no return once we enter!

The mighty beast is summoned.

Holes scattered around the cave continue to spit out groups of Ice Worms to worry our battle.

At one point we are swarmed. Vistrix must have summoned these.

Vistrix breathes flames upon all the warriors.

But, he falls before our hands.

KYLLIKKI (all instances of the word KYLLIKKI fixed courtesy of our resident Fin, Copra!)
KYLLIKKI is a powerful Mage that summons minions to aid her in battle.

KYLLIKKI is guarded by many undead soldiers and champions that require specific methods to defeat. Each is tackled singlely (even with multiples of them attacking), as certain magicks used by these wizards can stun many of our more powerful members, and render them useless.

Here you can see how a wizard has been trapped by a Necromancers power.

Once we enter, we prepare for KYLLIKKI's arrival within her tomb. The strategy is harsh, as certain members of our party must be prepared as she summons ghostly wolf like creatures.

The battle commences as mighty warriors keep KYLLIKKI at bay. Other members of the group pull the ghostly wolves and take them out.

The same method is used for KYLLIKKI as her undead mages to make sure she does not escape using sorcerous powers.

KYLLIKKI is defeated!! We are victorious.

That is it for the tier 1 run. As I stated, raid #4, a dungeon I have found out becomes available upon being keyed, and I plan to run this key quest so I can start working on this new raid soon.

Conan is the first game where I feel dedicated enough to actually continue to try these runs. So much so that I took the plunge and joined a dedicated raid guild. We will see how this pans out, but I feel renewed in my efforts at least.

Thats it for now. Hopefully this week I will have the FINAL Destiny Quest story to reveal!



Copra said...

nice recap. However, if you read closely it's Kyllikki with two L's in the middle: that's a Finnish woman's name directly from Kalevala, which inspired Howard very early on. There are some other Kalevala based names in the Conan stories, too, so I wouldn't be surprised you encounter them later on, too.


C out

Openedge1 said...

Aha! I originally copied the name from another website, where THEY had it spelled wrong (old guild site...go figure)

Fixing now. (Talk about a tongue twister...almost as good as Cincinnati or Mississippi)

Thanks and cheers

gordon said...

Awesome screenshots, dude. AoC is breathtaking. Really glad the raids are going well. Keep us updated with progress :)

Anjin said...

That actually looks really cool. The only raiding I've ever done was in WoW during Burning Crusade, but the scheduling burned me out. How demanding of your time is the raid game?

Openedge1 said...

Right now I have only done weekends, and the new dedicated guild does Tuesday and Wednesday for Tier 1, Tier 2 and up weekends only.
It also is not "required" unlike the way WoW guilds work.
Yakhmar takes about 30-45 minutes to do, Vistrix 45 minutes to an hour and Kyllikki about 1-2 hours depending on how well we are progressing.
The guild I joined does Yak and Vis on Tuesday, Kyllikki on Wednesday if that gives a clue.

So, actually, not too bad a schedule and the raid times are reasonable. Basically how long I sit and play a single player

Anyways, thanks guys, this was really fun to post (besides some Picasa issues that broke some of my old posts also)
I am working on some more from the Destiny quest and I started a new character who is fun to watch fight...will grab some screenies of that as well.


Anjin said...

Sounds like you've fallen in with a good group. Thanks for letting me pick your brain!

Allan Anderson said...

It's great to see some shots of really big fights, and to hear the perspective of someone who took his time getting there rather than tearing through it like so many MMO folks do.

Inspires me to get my barbarian to 80!

John said...

Great screenies and grats on the progress...

As for the gear, I have been raiding for 12 months and am still 3 pieces short of Tier 1 set :(

For those who haven't tried it, it is hugely improved since release (I was EA) and from my time on Testlive, will only be getting better.

Thankyou for this Blog Openedge, I think it helps build interest and hopefully playerbase :)