Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Age of Conan - Feats are planned..

As I stated yesterday, I had a pretty huge weekend, so let me start by discussing some of the things that happened.

The weekend started with a difficult decision. Changes to my Feats.

Feats in Age of Conan represent special capabilities for your class, to enable new skills, enchance other skills, and make your class more of the type of player you wish to be.
After my first raid last week, I felt I did not feel very effective with my chosen path.
Known as the "Desecration" line, I had taken a path that allowed me to be more of a "Drainer". I could "tap" health, stamina and mana very effectively. But, my damage felt weak. As well, I felt like I died too easily.
I studied for quite a while on each line, with the other path known as "Desecration".
Descration had a lot of mitigation and damage paths, in so many words...not so passive a path as I had chosen.

I decided to balance it out.

I used AOC Yellow Gremlins website to do my planning (a very cool tool there, Feat Planner, allows you to add or remove points to test where to go).
Back in the game, I went to the Re-Trainer, and took the dive. It cost me a measly 50 copper (that will go up if I do this again).

To get to the point, the new line created a whole new playstyle. The wife even noticed that combat was different.
I now work on two stances more widely and lost some extra skills that were just dead weight.
By "Stance" dancing I can take on more mobs, with minimal to no loss in health, and then when I switch it up, my damage can kill a single mob within 3 strikes.

This DID prove to be more effective as well, when I went back a second time to run that same raid I did last week,,,and did not die...

And we won!

More later on the "Slaughterhouse" and Vistrix!

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