Thursday, June 25, 2009

Age of Conan - "This is how we do it.."

Refrerring back that old 80's hit...

This is basically how you keep old customers happy and start on the track to bring new customers in.

The patch yesterday went quite smoothly. A few niggles exists, but so far the forums is not full of the hate posts that we got "Funcommed" or the usual diatribes.

The servers went down for a noted 12 hours, but was up after 8 hours. The changes were in place and working. New things like turning your horse into an ability instead of an item was easy to figure out. Feats were all removed so you had a free respec. The new zone is working quite well with minimal to no issues.

Of course the usual complaints were heard "You nerfed my class" "The game will not start" "Weird animations" "Where is my skill"...

But, people are also excited. I read more posts of "Ooo, look at this new skill" or "I love the gear changes" were heard more often.

"That is how we do it.."

Now, back to the new zone...or I still have to make my new level 50...but, I really like my new HoX...seems the changes to my ToS do not suck, and actually make me want to play him...AGGHHH...............

Decisions, decisions.


Hudson said...

Except for the 6 hour hotfix today lol

Openedge1 said...

Of course, it only took less than 2 hours, and was more for some visual issues and some problems with shops not opening or items being messed up.
Basically nothing game breaking, and Funcom was on top of it.


Allan Anderson said...

Yeah, maybe we'll be lucky and they'll turn around their reputation for bumpy patches. I have high hopes!

There's a bunch of re-learning our classes ahead, but I am feeling the same way as you: enticed by lots of different classes right now. That free level 50...sheesh, I can't make up my mind! HoX? Demonologist? Tempest of Set? Beer Shaman? ...maybe even a Soldier?

Well, gotta figure out my Barbarian first.