Friday, June 19, 2009

Fathers Day Weekend - What to do

Oh yea...that's ME!! I am totally the "Daddy!"

Well, I have totally planned this out also. I get to relax and totally take it easy while being waited on..

So, my plans?

I have the following schedule lined up..

Prototype missions - Maybe one or two. This game is awesome, and I am trying to make it last...seems most new Single Player games go too fast.

Age of Conan raid - I bought a new headset (I got the xbox 360 Bluetooth wireless earpiece. This thing is a gem...comfortable, small, and works with my wireless gaming receiver for my 360 controller...) and plan to try some raids this weekend. Not sure which yet. I know Vistrix the dragon, Yakhmar the Ice Worm and Kylikki (what the heck is Kylikki? All I know is I fought demon hounds...that was one well done raid also run by one of the major guilds..Ronin).


Thats right. I bought a 9.99 copy through Steam.
I do have a character I had played before...but, since this required a new account, I decided to start in Kunark with a new character.
I had never completed Kunark before, and decided now was the time to try and make it to the level required to leave that zone.
We will see how I do.

I do know I felt nostalgic, and rather enjoyed myself playing for an hour this morning. EQ2 is another MMO which actually works with my controller, and now with it's new multicore and shadows to GPU features, it actually runs like a game on my hoss machine should run.

So, it is good for 30 days I think.

Finally my weekend is topped off by some Indian food (my #1 favorite food in the world!), and relaxation mainly...and the wife has agreed to all these plans.

But, me being me...I have her and my son included, with first some 1vs 100 competition on Xbox live. I will also show the wife Magic: The Gathering TCG on Xbox Live (she loves these card games) and then Drakensang, a single player RPG, but we always gather around the TV...all of us... and will play together, taking turns at controls, working on puzzles etc.

Then we have from Netflix, Death Note...the live action version of this anime.
That movie looks like fun!!

Ok..I better hit it...CYA!


Doc said...

Sounds like a lot for weekend of relaxation. Hope you enjoy it.

Scott said...

Assuming I was in the store with money to burn and the urge for an impulse purchase, which would you recommend: Prototype or Deadspace? And why? =D

Openedge1 said...


I would recommend Deadspace over Prototype. But, both are fun in their own right.

First, Deadspace offers a well done system that builds on and fixes issues with most of the horror genre.
From better control of the camera and great sound effects to the RPG like upgrades system.
Good scares also abound.

Prototype is a good sandbox game. But, you need to be pleased with running little mini missions, upgrading powers and the overall exhilaration of floating over New York City.

Prototype is for the player that likes to make their own game.
Deadspace is a great horror game with shooter elements and good scares along with some RPG elements.

PS: Deadspace has better graphics and sound.

Deadspace also has a demo on Xbox least that is what I messed with.

Good luck

Scott said...

I'd probably enjoy Prototype; I enjoyed the hell out of Crackdown. GTA4 not as much, but it's still ok. I just wish they'd given Prototype some co-op... I'll most likely wait until the price drops significantly before picking it up.

I'm still working on Too Human and Fallout 3 but I may look into Deadspace soon, especially if I can find it at a bargain price.