Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Wrap Ramble

Just a little update.

I met my goal of hitting level 77 this weekend. The groups were going like mad, and I completed several huge quests. I also tapped a couple of new weapons for use from some really good drops. I have a new axe, which I got that looks great, and I will hopefully be able to post that image later.

I also tried to play in DX9 this weekend, as sometimes if I get a large set of mobs attacking, I experience some nasty lag spikes. But, I just had to go back. I can really tell the difference (DX9 looks like mud compared to DX10), so I will play with my settings a bit to keep it around. Most of the time I get a good 60+FPS, so, just need to find the magic tweak for massive mobs!

I posted my feelings on the Vanguard freebie (for 30 days?) that started this weekend (btw, I was an older player, and had subbed for the 30 days I got with my box...played 15 of those before the boredom and issues set in)...and some commenter's seemed to be a little touchy over my post.
The game is sadly more niche than Warhammer or AoC, and I just do not see any staying power for that game. It really is quite boring ( I have tried multiple classes, and just cannot get past level 20), and it just does not offer anything new to the MMO genre (even when it came out)...oh, and BTW, for those who go on about the Zoneless huge world...Zoneless Huge World equals very EMPTY world believe is not an advantage.
Lets just call this my "Eurogamer" opinion (as some people believe you must play hundreds of hours before you can decide a game is junk...uh yea...NOT!)

SOE could save a wad of cash shutting this baby down.

Anyways, I also started playing Deadspace again this weekend. My second run through. Hard Mode, and trying for a few achievements (using only the Plasma Cutter, killing a certain number of beasties in hand to hand, etc.). This game really is a major piece of work, and for any Horror Survival genre fan, you must buy this. RE5 is weak compared to this game. RE5 was good, just Deadspace is way better.
I want to at least get these achievements, and then see what the new DLC's are...some look cool.

Well...quiet weekend otherwise. We are strapping down and keeping the spending to a minimum for our vacation in two weeks to Great Wolf Lodge (a new one opened just 2 1/2 some hours from us, an indoor waterpark, this place is a self contained fun zone...awesome).

So, gaming is really the way to go for weekend fun.



Doc said...

Just one bit of advice on the DLC. Carefully read the descriptions.

Some of the packs are just weapon upgrades/skins, some are just armour, and others are combinations.

Do a little reading and decide which ones you want first as the XBLA menu is a little obtuse. FWIW I liked the Scorpion Pack and the Tank Pack.

Openedge1 said...


Thanks for the heads up! Gotta progress