Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Downtime and Vanguard

Today is a maintenance schedule for Age of Conan, so I will not get to spend too much time in the game. But, I already have plans once I can get back in.

First off, here is that nice little axe I got on one of my dungeon runs this past weekend. Also, my outfit has been updated a little, with a new belt and an upgrade to my skirt. Very nice.

Now, about my current plans.

I found out that my culture armor for my class is available at level 78.
Basically each class has their own "special" set of armor with attributes specific to their class, and only wearable by them.
But pricing has made the set hard to come by...especially in Conan where money does not grow on trees like it does in other MMO's (WoW...cough). At 45 gold for the complete kit, and myself sitting at 21 gold, I need help.

With just a little over two bars of XP to go, the wife has taken it upon herself to help me in this latest endeavor.

I have started to work on gathering resources and letting the wife do her #1 skill...Auctions.
She is an Ebay of the MMO's queen. Selling at good prices to undercut others, and buying low to resell higher.
As well, since I have not looked at the Trader in AoC very often, I have not seen what a mess it really is.
People have put items in at ridiculously low prices, undermining those who have followed criteria (like Silk usually will sell for a silver a piece, and here is one person putting in 3 pieces at 30 copper..TOTAL..ARGH).
Not sure why they do this...but, all of the market is really skewed.
Luckily the wife has made progress in fixing quite a few resources, and the cash has flowed, making 2 gold over the last day. In AoC...that is a lot.

Now, since there was downtime, and I got criticized for my opinion that "Vanguard is junk" post a few days back, I went ahead and loaded it up for the free return days.

I am not sure how many times I have tried to play this game, but it is LOTRO deja vu all over again.

Stupid things, like funky animations. Sound did not work, it just was...dead...silent. Hitchy performance ...on a machine that can play AoC in DX10 pretty smoothly? That is sad.

The huge world looks lovely..but very empty as well. Waypoints are hard to find, as directions are not well done. And with a world so huge, you definitely need some help. I got none. I even tried to ask the community. They proceeded to make jokes, and were quite stupid about the fact I was lost.

The models leave a lot to be desired, with chunky bodies, crappy hair styles, and clothing that does not lay right. Ugly is the one word that comes to mind.

I do not get it.

And for me, this is it. I see no redeeming value in Vanguard, and it has become the latest delete on my system. I also stand by my comment about the quality of Vanguard. Junk.

Vanguard joins my LOTRO list of games that people like, yet I cannot fathom why.

Ok...I better sign off before I piss someone else off. LATER~


Hudson said...

People get sucked up in what it is supposed to be and not what it is, a fairly unpolished game that will never be quite "RIGHT".

Some people just play it because they have access passes like myself, or because they are Sony schills.

But you are right, it is a kooky game. I do however like the ability to roam wherever I want and just explore.

Scott said...

I always want to like Vanguard. Not sure why. There's "something" about it that strikes a nerve where I secretly hope it succeeds. But honestly, with staff changes and an utter lack of updates I was looking for Vanguard to be the next Matrix Online where they just give up and eventually the staff leaves on their own and the servers go dark a few months later. The recent patch surprised me with new content and the level cap increase but I'm still not up for going back yet. It's one of those games where I *want* to see end-game but I doubt I ever will.

I do love my Dread Knight though...

Dalton said...

To each their own. It is probably just not your style. I was one of the folks who could never get into AoC. While the first 20 levels were awesome, and Khopshef province is the best area in any MMO I have ever seen (bar none), this game just began to feel like a grind to me. Maybe I did something wrong, but I could never get into it. Vanguard on the other hand sucked me in. I love to explore, and although it was empty, I have had a blast. I havent subbed to AoC in about three months though, maybe ill have to pick up a game card!