Thursday, June 11, 2009

You don't know what you got...

Until it's gone.

Seems starting last night, I am having server issues in Age of Conan. I seem to be alone as well.
I have checked with my ISP, and done tracerts with no issues showing.
Basically every 30-60 secs I get a lag spike pulse. The game is then unplayable at that point. Red bar for the latency meter, and nothing movement, name it.

Is this Funcoms way of kicking me off the game now that I hit 80? Do they have personal issues with their endgame?

Anyways, I have entered a ticket, so this left me time to go and sign up my 30 day account for Dungeons and Dragons Online. Still had that sitting around, and with the news of the freemium edition, figured I would see how far the game has come.

This game presents all sorts of new issues. From mouse and joystick control problems. Weird bugs in the game itself (inventory errors for example), and the DX10 LCD bug (which is not their fault...definitely a Microsoft issue).

Good thing the AoC LCD tricks works for it.

But, other issues abound with launcher errors (Vista/Windows 7?), launch problems, where the screen goes black and drops me back to dekstop.

Man...what a pain.

Well, today my copy of Prototype arrives, which my son notes as "Awesome", and we have been playing a new Xbox 360 live game called 1vs 100, a simple trivia game against other players using your avatar...comes off like a Deal or No Deal/Who wants to be a Millionaire game.

Should keep me occupied until AoC is fixed, as I am ready for a Raid this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

You hit level 80 and then can't log in? Sods law, dude, sods law. I'm sure they will get it sorted soon.

Let me know how Prototype is. I got Infamous for the PS3 and was a bit disappointed by it.