Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Age of Conan - Patch Notes Arrive

It is a pretty big list. What I will do is touch on some highlights. You can read the full list here.


NEW PLAYFIELD - Tarantia Commons
  • Tarantia Commons is now available! This area is recommended for levels 75-80 and it can be accessed in Old Tarantia, just left after crossing the Bridge of Vilerus I, near the gate to the Noble District. Speak to Vialli outside the gate to begin your exploration of this new area with a quest.
  • There are also two new dungeons located in Tarantia Commons. "Attilius' Mansion" for solo players and "Crows’ Nest" for groups of 6 players.
This fully fleshes out all levels, and quest progression exists for all who wish a complete adventure to the end.


Locals and tourists alike have flocked to guild cities, settling, traveling, selling, and generally making a life for themselves. As your city grows, its population becomes more dense and varied.

Guilds become worth something. More is being worked on also for patch 1.06 for Guilds.

  • The Base HP for all characters has been increased. The HP gain per Constitution point has also been greatly increased.
  • All combos have had their damage and stamina cost re-calculated and adjusted.
  • All spells and abilities have had their damage and mana cost re-calculated and adjusted.
  • The out of combat regeneration granted by food and drink (for health, mana and stamina) has been increased according to the changes done to those player stats.
These are just a few changes.. This all goes in line with the new atributes tab and gear progression system.

  • All items have been adjusted for the new systems!
  • All classes now have access to the cloth/silk armor type.
The biggest change. Stats now mean something. When you look at two pieces of armor, you will know how to tell the difference thanks to a legible numbers syste,
The second item makes it so anyone can wear the cool looking cloth based clothing which gives a more social feel. (They just need an apperance tab)


This update introduces a total overhaul of the gem system with a new, more flexible system for augmenting your equipment with gems.

I think this says it all, but follow link to read actual changes.

I could go on, but there is so much. Let me touch on a few others.

Pets - Social pets will be available for players.
Performance - The DX10 client has had an overhaul and overall fixes have gone in
Little things like new fonts and UI adjustments.
EVERY class has had an overhaul.

To say this is ambitious for ANY MMO is pretty much on target. Blizzard has had major patches, but nothing with content AND an overhaul of the internal game systems.

The overhaul is key to many players due to people getting equipment and feeling like they cannot understand how it works or what benefit the player would receive.
Gems is another bonus, as some of the gems were worthless and just did not feel like they added anything of import.

I guess I will not know how this will work...even today as the game is down for 12 some hours. And we will not know if this will be all, as we know how major patches go for Funcom (yet, they continue to do them...but, I have heard this is the last time they will attempt something this huge).

As the news hits, I will post. I am sure EU should be launching during the next few stay tuned.

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