Friday, July 24, 2009

Age of Conan - Fashion Show

The one complaint that has been pretty persistent in Age of Conan is "I always look the same". I often wondered about this as it does seem that people do look a lot alike. So, I did some research, took some screenies...borrowed screenies...etc.

This basically gave me an outlook on the variety of armor available. It is more than most people think. The issue is that most of it is not a standard drop. People have to work for it, buy it, etc.
A lot is bind on pickup, thus you are forced to go get it or lose out on that visual variety most crave. Other MMO's have really made players lazy and make them believe they can just get what they want when they want it.

Well, to get these styles I suggest: Get a group, do a dungeon, craft it yourself...oh, and stop looking at the stats. The gear was not to be the end all of the game, so if you wish to look unique, you may have to wear something that is not quite up to what you need class wise.

But, thanks to the game having more skill than the need for gear, maybe you should just pay attention to how you look and less about how it works.

This is only a part of what is available. I have more screens coming soon of even more variety. So watch out for those.



Sharon said...

I really like the way gear looks in AoC. I think it indicates a lot of care on the part of the designers to stay true to the IP. As you point out, there is a quite a bit of variety if a player takes the time to look for it, but it all fits with the other graphical elements of the game. I think that if there were more glaring differences it would really ruin some of the immersion for me.

Anonymous said...

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