Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Age of Conan - Costumery

As I mentioned yesterday, my son wanted for us to wear "civilian" clothes when we were in town. Due to seeing how the citizens looked different, it sparked in him an idea to dress like them.

I did state he is pretty intelligent for a 10 year old eh?

He actually purchased the clothes first and showed them to us, and then we got inspired. I looked at the trader to see what is available, and then dressed up myself. The wife did the same...but luckily with the wife being a caster, she also has some really good cloth clothing as well.

First up above is the "Nemedian" set. I, being a priest, it looked very cool adding the hood. The set looks like one of the guards, but overall, I liked the design and detail to the chest piece.

This is the wife in her current "adventure" outfit. I wanted to point it out, as the necklace is quite pronounced. Quite a few pieces of jewelry show up like this, and it looks awesome.

Next on display is the wifes "sexy" street clothes. You can tell she heads to the local inn, and parties like it is the Year of the Spider.

This is the outfit my son equipped one day, and took off his weapons..He then walked up to us, then said..."Hey, I am a citizen". I did not even know it was

Group shot!

It has been real fun hunting out outfits to wear, and it sure does allow a little game with the Trader and Fine Armor shops.

What else can I get?

Needless to say, it has made me wonder just how different can people make themselves look, including tiered gear and what not, so stay tuned. Next post will be the variety of Hyborian wear one day as I waited for a raid.



Hudson said...

Is there a costume tab now in the game or would you have to carry all that junk around in the inventory?

Openedge1 said...

Yes, but thanks to the storage system, as well the changes to loot where most crap became stackable items, we have some great shared space.
Plus, remember, 3 of us play together, and one can carry a lot of stuff (wife got the extra large bag for coming back), for this type of group it works..

Solo player would want to be careful.

We are also doing it for RP we are geeky like that. So, this is more for fun.


Anonymous said...

The graphics in AoC are breath taking but the armor variety isn't great. I saw the same problem with EQ2. The developers put in a huge amount of effort on the player models but forgot to create vast arrays of armor sets! Or if there are lots of distinct armors in AoC, they are well hidden.

Personally, I want to be able to go onto a broker and see a bit selection of stuff to wear and then make myself look unique.