Friday, December 5, 2008

Chronicles of Spellborn - Dec. 5th, do you know where your Spellborn is?

EDIT: Well, seems some news finally came down the pipe from Acclaim (and yes, no spell check was used from the CM...hey Tipa...think someone needs a hand there)

"The EU version has launched. We have not recieved the code. So there is no launch planned for today."

But, France and the Benelux countries have their client.


So, what is the hold up Acclaim? Or should we still blame the Developer?
Yet, the client HAS been released overseas.

This was the noted hold up according to Acclaim. The developer has not delivered the client, and as client, no play schedule.

This still looks like a PR mess, and Customer Service screw up on someones behalf.

Good luck guys.

And now to make things even worse...the first review, from Eurogamer.

The Score? .................8/10....



brenda said...

Heard almost nothing but good things about this game lately.

Well, my collector's edition should be arriving soon... So I'll have SOMETHING, anyway. Even if it's an unplayable something.

Scott said...

OMG with Blogger's script... LOAD already and stop resetting the effing comment box!

Anyway... it sounds like Acclaim is the US equivalent to GOA who continues to be incompetent with the EU handling of WAR...

Enough acronyms for ya? :p

adingworld said...

Yup, started playing the game "for real" now finally. A bit more people running around than in open beta, but not any big crowds and chat channels are still quite ok.

Danshir said...

Can't say Ive heard of this, I'll have to check it out...Yay for another PR mess!