Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chronicles of Spellborn - Just some simple advice

Try not pissing off your future customers by discussing a release date, then taking it away as one publisher (Acclaim) needs time to get the servers prepared, then for the new date, deciding not to release the code just yet to said publisher, and delaying it again, only to have that final date be screwed yet again, but go ahead and release your code to all other distributors but the one you originally promised to hold the code for...

(Is that a run on?)

Now, this is assuming it IS the developers fault.

If not...

Try not pissing off your customers by delaying a game they are waiting for as you are not quite prepared, yet, then on the new date, having issues applying said code to the servers, so you create a story about the developer who decided to state code issues (even though Closed Beta code by that developer was stated as being ready to release), then when you reach the delayed date, having silence on your website, until almost the end of the day in North America, to announce the developer did not release the code, oh but the developer announces the code is released for other countries.

While I am at it, for leaving a shitty website to advertise the game, go get some training on website development Acclaim!

Also, Customer Service would help as well..

Otherwise you incur the wrath of the forum poster!

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Anonymous said...

It is probably a mix of both scenarios.

I suspect that the contacts between the developer and the different publishers is a bureaucratic mess and neither is any good with customer service in this area.

There has been some issue in the game as far as I can see in the German forums - the English forums do not provide enough info and sometimes seem to assume that people have read the German forums.

My guess here is that the developers want to fix a few things before they give it to Acclaim, but has not provided a firm date when this is done.

My guess is that you will not see anything on your side for at least another week.