Thursday, December 18, 2008

SOE Helps the Big 3 Car Industry

A spokesperson for SOE made this recent announcement.

"In light of the issues with vehicle development, and the economy, we at SOE have found the solution for the Automotive Industry."

The new Vehicular RMT system. Noted to be implemented, with no warning, sometime in January (maybe February).

New fluff items for your car (like Puffy Dice for your mirror, or how about extra gas when you need it most, say every 10-12 miles?) all implemented with a new form of cash called "Bailout Bucks".

"The big 3 can keep their vehicles streamlined, and for the manufacturers, there is no need to keep the cars up to date and running smoothly. We do suggest turning off vehicular shadows for better performance after spending your hard earned cash on Bailout Bucks...but it will be worth it."

The spokesperson was noted to brandish a leather wheel cover with the drivers name on it as one of many new perks.


Who knows how much they could have taken the consumer for with this type of deal.

Ford? You listening?

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