Monday, December 15, 2008

Dinner, a Demo and Delights

Well, after the final recovery, the weekend comes to an end. I enjoyed a wonderful Dinner for my Birthday Friday night, with a reservation at a place called "The Flying Frog Cafe"
With an eclectic mix of Indian, German and Southern cuisine, it was a delight.
But, the main reason we go? One food stands out..


Yummy. And it taste like...FILET MIGNON...(bet you thought it was chicken)..

I usually do a set of tastes, with the Kangaroo. I also accompanied this with an Indian Curry and a Lamb Chop.
The wife had a German platter, and has learned she loves German, especially something called a Pojarski sauce, a mix of paprika, heavy cream and Cognac...excellent.

For my present I got a wonderful series from a while back, called Hamish Macbeth, when BBC America first launched. The best part is an actor by the name of Robert Carlyle. Search out some major stuff from this guy. He is most famous though for Trainspotting and Angela's Ashes. Also, note, this series is pure Scottish, and I tell ya what, having a clear DVD copy (originals were on VHS), I can actually understand it...well, most of it...hehe.

Another treat this weekend was the release of a new RPG single player Demo for a game called Drakensang.
If you have plated NWN, NWN2 or Baldurs Gate (the originals), then you are in for a treat. With great visuals, faster combat, more specs and attributes than you can shake a stick at, this game delivers.
You can tell how much the game will involve, and for a demo, you get a good chunk to play around with to start.
I like the fact the controls are MMO oriented for movement, which means...yes, the 360 controller rocks. Another aspect for me is proper font sizing, where the 42" LCD Hi-Def TV is usable in the living so many words, I can sit back on the couch and play.
This is a german release, and as I have found out with Witcher and AoC, any games developed overseas seem to have some sensibilites I enjoy.

Finally for the weekend, and for the Birthday, I got some other special treats. Silent Hill and DeadSpace.
We are horror fanatics, and it showed, when we sat down for 5 hours straight and played Silent Hill to start.
I will post more on those games later.

For now, hope everyone else had a good time, and now back to looking at what everyone else is discussing...


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