Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tabula Rasa - Deployment: Earth

The arrival of deployment 15 went out today (was probably yesterday, but when I logged in this morning, I got a nice update).
Some changes to visual icons and what not, including the FPS mode (which for some reason does not work like I saw on PTS and not like I thought it would) were in this patch.

Of course the biggie is the chance to go back to Earth.

I have not investigated this very much, and it is a high level feature, so I may never see Earth. But, for the longest time they have teased on the login screen with a cool post-apocalyptic style screenshot of Earth. Devastated, with various blue lights shooting up into the sky.

As more data comes out, I will post about it. The fact so many were playing this morning with no clue about the features for Dep. 15, it is really sad.

Anyways, I hit level 19, and am on my way to my goal of level 20 before the 26th.

If I have a chance, I will post some screenies later...and as always, good gaming.


Hudson said...

"The fact so many were playing this morning with no clue about the features for Dep. 15"

Lack of a REAL COMMUNITY FORUM perhaps?

You be the judge...

Scott said...

It went live last night, though by the time I went to bed they still hadn't actually put up the patch notes.

I had to ask in chat how to get to first-person mode because the frickin' *OBVIOUS* way of just scrolling in *DOESN'T WORK!* Ok, so I switch to first-person mode and... it isn't. That is to say, they took the generic MMORPG method of simply putting the camera to your character's head, the end. No FOV change to a true first-person perpective (LOTRO is the *only* one I've ever played that actually does this!) and I can't see my gun either.

A "shooter" MMORPG made by guys who have apparently never played a shooter in their lives... just wonderful...

Openedge1 said...


No, Vanguard also has a true FPS mode. You see your hands or weapons when you attack as well, and it even has a camera movement with character mode..

The one cool thing about VG. Too bad the rest sucks (well, is cool in some areas also, as I am a game music lover)

But, yes, I was so disappointed. But, really, they don't even need to do this work anymore. I was amazed they released the patch still (must have been pretty far along)

Yup, can see how that worked for WAR also (i.e: Will be getting official forums soon. How

Scott said...

I was going to mention VG did show your appendages and weapons, but still fails to switch to a first-person FOV which is a *huge* issue (one of many) with me actually playing an RPG in first-person. It just doesn't look right. LOTRO does the FOV switch but no weapons/limbs.

In the end though, it doesn't really matter for fantasy RPGs since they're not using first-person targeting anyway.

Anonymous said...


Patch notes and information is available right when you start the game, so if people missed that Deployment 15 was live and what it contained means that they did not bother reading any of it. If they cannot be bothered to read the notes available when they start the game, how would official forums be any better in that regard?

Scott said...

Oh and FYI 15.7 went live roughly 36 hours ago and *still* the latest patch notes available are from last month's 14.8 patch...

As far as official forums go, to me that says something more of the team's dedication to the product -- headaches be damned -- and communicating with their community. I personally, however, very rarely visit any game's official forums because I rarely need information that can only be found there. But I do read patch notes, although in TR's case I'm so new to the game (a couple hours) I'm not sure how much good patch notes will do me, but if they ever get around to publishing them I'll read it.

Anonymous said...

It must be different for EU and US then, because the EU site and the links when you start the game certainly shows the D15 patch notes.