Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend gaming wrapup

Besides working my butt off transferring several websites to a new server, I also worked on some game time.

Right now, my main focus has been Tabula Rasa and Silent Hill.

Silent Hill has gotten even more difficult, and this is just on normal. The problem arises from the minimalistic approach to heals and ammo.
I have went into two boss fights now with no weapons to speak of but a crowbar and a
Frustration ensued. Yet, the compelling playstyle, and the ability to learn the methods of the boss attacks, well that has been a console game staple for years.
And it makes for some fun as you try to continue matter how many controllers you break.
The story has started to come together, and I have left my sleepy town, and entered Silent Hill proper (and as anyone who has played the series knows, I have progressed to near the end, and the true meaning of what has happened is taking shape.)

Tabula Rasa has me almost level 20 (about 3/4 of the way in). Just this morning I went on a base takeover with several people...which to my surprise are starting to show up.
The game is offically free at this time. Anyone can sign up and play and download the game as well.
More info here.
I may reach my goal before the 26th, and that would be excellent, and the right step to getting to max level before closure.
More people on should help with the issues of mass spawns.
The funniest thing I have seen so far came up yesterday when everyone has decided that they will never play another NCSoft game.
There is no doubt that NCSoft is going to take it on the chin...hard.
But, that was not the funny part. The funny part is how many believe Darkfall will be the most innovative game to date, and that it will be the next MMO they play.
I am amazed at how many think DF's setup is a good idea.
Time will tell on that one...but, I know I would rather gouge my eyes out before touching that game.

In my web travels, I stepped into Tobolds Sunday Thread real quick to read topics. And it still seems that some believe Age of Conan will close within the year.
If a company can run a game free for several years, how is AoC not a success in even pulling in 100k for them?
If a company like Turbine can continue to run DDO, or SOE can continue to run...well, all their games, how is it that AoC is a target for fail?
Some things that fascinate me are
1. They just announced a D20 PnP RPG for AoC
2. As well, a strategy RTS styled boardgame is being released
3. A movie is still on track for 2010. I think the game will be finished by then as well.
4. Development still exists (however small) for an Xbox release.
Finally, the consensus has been that the game has done a complete 180 since launch for stability and content...with more coming by the end of December, early January.
The game is available through Steam, Direct 2 Drive, and on sale in various Brick and Mortars (a note of 9.99 was stated at Target).
Finally, the European audience seems to be much larger for Conan than the US.
The hatred seems to be inline for Funcom just like an NGE type of attitude, and it confuses me.
People scream "A game needs 6 months to get it's footing", but no one is willing to give the game that time.
I am still of the mind that AoC has more potential than some of the wannabe's out there.
But, I guess time will tell.
With comics, book reprints, board and PnP games, movies, and the game constantly bveing worked on, I am not of the mind to write it off like a Tabula Rasa or Auto Assault or even an AC2.

Well, back to the grind. Holidays are around the corner, and uh...I am NOT done shopping...argh! (long story)...but, I did get the house gift (which the wife and I do every year). This year, we have replaced the Refrigerator...woot. Nice sleek black model coming tomorrow.
Anyways, cheers to you and yours, as we all enjoy the season..



Anonymous said...

Age of Conan is not closing anytime soon and certainly not within a year. It is currently Funcom's only big game and despite the issues one may argue that it has been their greatest MMO success so far, with only 2 MMOs released so far.

They have released (or is about to release) AOC in Russia and South Korea. They will be around.

Enjoy the new fridge:)

Danshir said...

Keep on updating about your Silent Hill experience, I'm keeping track of when the pain will start for you =). The boss with a knife/pipe...was that Scarlet?

Bildo said...

I think the biggest sign that AoC will be fine for a while is just how long Funcom's been able to keep Anarchy Online up and running and improving all the time. Another Craig Morrison led project, that.

It may not have done as they'd hoped in terms of retention, but it sold a ton of boxes which means their installed base is good... they just need to improve, and come out with some "welcome back" type trials. It may never be Number 2, like they'd hoped, but it could rest in the top 5 for a while

Openedge1 said...

Agreed. With Russia and Korean servers, the game will not just up and die.
So far, all we know is NCSoft is notorious for closing games, and AC2 was a joint Microsoft project, and Microsoft has really been touchy when it comes to MMO's (probably the reason they have canceled so many)
So, if we look at history, Funcom is not a game closer.
I think the returns will make a huge difference in populations. I don't know how many times I have read about people going back to AoC to be quite happy with the changes and fixes.
I am really excited about the stats changes and DX10 myself, and will go back for those myself.
Scarlet would be correct. I fought her I don't know...5 or 6 times to have it so I can still walk out with health drinks and first aid
The game is nasty...yet, I love going back and retrying the boss fights in the hopes I get to walk out with most of my stuff left.
We are enjoying the game, myself playing and the wife watching..
Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

NCSoft notorious for closing games - it sounds like they do that all the time. They have done that twice. The big MMO closer used to be EA. But most MMO games that has been closed probably never made any big headlines.

Anyone tried Mimesis Online? (I have). Seen Dark & Light lately? (Web site seems to be gone)

Go through the list of MMOs in Fileplanets Massive Multiplayer section and see how many is running today in some form.

Openedge1 said...

I think the point I was trying to make is, when it comes to companies with money and credentials, we can see NCSoft has a bad track record.
Dark and Light was an indy game, Mimesis Online...yup, never heard of it.
But, these games were not spotlight.
AC2 and Microsoft? Thats a big spotlight.
NCSoft closing down two games within two years apart? Thats big news.

When we look at Microsoft, they have had 3 titles on their books for release at one point or another. 3 MMO's that never saw the light of day, as Microsoft keeps thinking "Hey, MMO's are a bad prospect".

But, Funcom has a different reputation for games, with many single player games as well as MMO. This is why I think they will try to keep AoC afloat. That and it's potential is huge.

Here is hoping it see's that potential