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Age of Conan - Bear Shaman - changes a coming

The Bear shaman has been one of those classes that has been elusive to me as a "good" class...yet, it fascinates me due to it's Celtic like nature.

Well, this may all change thanks to a revamp. Seems complaints of where the BS fits into the scheme of the game has been heard, and now a major revamp is on the way..

I am quite excited, and thought I would share the Test Server notes that shows just how much is happening with this class...and let me say..WoW...thats a revamp.


* Added a new mechanic to the Bear Shaman: While the Bear Shaman has any Manifestation active, any target hit with Internal Bleed will suffer from the following effects:
- Manifestation of Winter causes the Arctic Slumber vision. The target is drained of stamina and mana over time and when this effect expires, they are snared for a short time.
- Manifestation of the Sun causes the Desert Bloom vision. The target takes fire damage over time and when this effect expires, the Bear Shaman receives a damage boost for a short time.
- Manifestation of the Forest causes the Tree of Life vision. The Bear Shaman gains a self-stacking Armor and Protection buff and when this effect expires, the Bear Shaman gains additional Armor and Protection for a short time.
- Manifestation of Spirit causes the World Walker vision. The target takes poison damage over time and when this effect expires, they suffer a large amount of damage.
* Changed Manifestation: Hostile Territory to Manifestation of Spirit. This spell is gained at level 15 and pulses a 5% damage debuff to all enemies around the Bear Shaman.
* Manifestation: Enfeeble has been replaced with Manifestation of Winter. This spell now has only one rank is gained a level 35 and pulses cold damage on all foes around the Bear Shaman while active.
* Replaced Spirits of the Earth with a new Spell - Manifestation of the Forest. This spell reduces the physical invulnerability rating of all foes around the Bear Shaman by -10% while active.
* Replaced Spirits of the Debased with a new Spell - Manifestation of the Sun. This spell reduces the hate generated by the Bear Shaman and reduces the incoming healing received by all foes around the Bear Shaman by -10% while active.
* Renamed Manifestation: Regrowth to Rune of Regrowth. This spell no longer shares buff lines with any Manifestations.
* All manifestations have had their durations changed to 25 seconds, their cooldown changed to 50 seconds, and their cast time reduced to 0.5 seconds.
* Reduced Aspect - Blood Fever to a 3 point feat. This feat no longer grants a new ability.
* Changed Blood Fever to increase weapon damage by 5/10/15% while any Manifestation is active.
* Changed Untamed Regeneration to no longer grant a new ability. It now grants the same amount of regeneration while any Manifestation is active.
* Internal Bleed III has had its combo-sequence reduced from three steps to two (UR>UP)
* Internal Bleed IV has had its combo-sequence reduced from four steps to two (LR>UP)
* Added a New Feat: Mutilation. The feat is located above Bewilder in the Wrath tree and increases the critical chance of the Internal Bleed damage over time effect by 5/10/15/20/25% per respective rank and increases the critical bonus damage by 60/70/80/90/100% per respective rank.
* Crushed Bones has been changed from affecting the combo opener for Internal Bleed to affecting the finisher damage. The bonus has been recalculated accordingly.
* Crushed Organs has been increased by an additional 1% per rank.
* Removed all Spirit Totem spells. Some of the bonuses granted by these Totems has been added to different Claw effects as follows: Claws of Corruption and Claws of the Reaper now provide additional Combat Rating (Unholy) passively. Claws of Life and Claws of Stone now provide additional Armor passively.
* Ursine Spirit has been moved to the place Spirit Totem: Miasma used to occupy.
* Spirit Totem: Miasma has been renamed to Gangrene. It now increases the periodic damage of Manifestation of Winter.
* Spirit Walker has been changed to modify the damage over time effect and the ending damage of the World Walker vision.
* Shards of the Earth has been changed and now significantly increases the damage of Ursine Crush.
* Ursine Roar no longer grants a spell and has been renamed Ursine Spirit, and is now located in the Spirits tree. It now improves the the damage debuff component of Manifestation of Spirit by 1/2/5% per respective feat point.
* Added a new feat to the Wrath tree: Winter's Bite. This feat increases the power of the mana and stamina drain effect of Arctic Slumber and the power of the ending snare effect caused by Arctic Slumber.
* Scarred Hide has been changed to have a chance to give the bonus armor buff on all physical hits, not just critical hits. The proc chance has been adjusted down to 3%/8%/16%.
* Iron Hide has been significantly improved. The duration has been lowered to 6 seconds, but it will now fully absorb up to 100 attacks during that period. In addition, attacks against you while Iron Hide is running will grant you a damage increase during and after Iron Hide activation. The more attacks you absorb, the higher this damage bonus will be.
* Ursine Crush has had its cooldown lowered to 1 minute.
* Created a new 3 point feat on the third tier in the Wrath tree: Ursine Fury. This feat increases the duration of the stun effect caused by Ursine Crush by 0.5/1/1.5 seconds per respective feat point.
* Created a new 1 point feat on the sixth tier in the Wrath tree: Ursinity. This feat reduces the cooldown of Ursine Rush by 15 seconds.
* Created a new 2 point feat on the eigth tier in the Wrath tree: Rampaging Crush. This feat increases the radius of Ursine Crush by 1/2 meters per respective feat point.
* A new feat Spirit Bear has been added into the Spirits tree, as a requirement to Booming Roar. When you perform a physical critical hit you have a 10/20/30/40/50% chance of spawning a Spirit Bear, and whenever you perform a fatality a Spirit Bear will be created. Regardless of how the Spirit Bear is summoned, a Spirit Bear cannot be summoned more than once every 15 seconds. The bear attacks with you and stacks up the Physical Torment debuff on the enemy. Additionally, if you have Claws of the Reaper running, it will apply the Claws of Stone debuff on the target, and if you have Claws of Stone running, it will apply Claws of the Reaper instead.
* Claws of the Reaper now provides all players attacking the cursed target with a damage boost if they are currently affected by Renewal.
* Switched the locations of Claws of Life and Claws of the Reaper.
* Increased the bonuses granted to the Crush Armor combo by the Rupture feat to 20% (up from 5%).
* Bloodthirst has had the final step of its combo-sequence changed from UP to UL making the new sequence LR>UR>UL
* The damage of the Bloodthirst combo has been increased.
* Blood Champion has been changed from a clickable to an additional passive damage bonus when casting Blood Flow. The damage bonus has been reduced to 6/12/18/24/30% weapon contribution.
* Increased the duration of the Blood Warrior effect to 15 seconds.
* Ursine Rush has been changed to a 1 point feat.
* Changed the Rune of Slaughter feat to "Slaughter" This feat now passively increases Armor Penetration.
* Added the Physical Ruin proc to the Rune of Aggression spell.
* Increased the cooldown of Rune of Aggression to 45 seconds.
* Slightly increased the weapon contribution bonus gained from Rune of Aggression.
* Weight of the World no longer grants an ability. It now increases critical damage by 2.5/5% per respective feat point.
* Battle Roar no longer grants a new spell. It instead provides a reduced bonus to weapon damage and max health passively.
* Increased the Miss Chance debuff values of Ursine Brawl to 3/5/8% per respective combo rank.
* All ranks of Ursine Brawl now share cooldowns.
* Increased the bonuses granted by Ursine Onslaught to 9/18/27/36/45% (up from 2/4/6/8/10%)
* The cooldown of Ether Theft has been reduced to 25 seconds, down from 30.
* Lycanthropic Bite has been made instant-cast, down from 1 second.
* Ursine Crush has been adjusted so that the damage component occurs before the stun component.
* The casting time of Booming Roar has been reduced from 1 second to 0.1 seconds.
* Renamed the Fierce Recovery blocker effect to 'Hibernation' to avoid a naming conflict.

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A Spirit Bear...I'm going to get a Spirit Bear!!!...these changes are amazing and scary at the same time!