Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday Night Casuals Strikes Again!!

Another night, more players join in, and we not only expand the Guild City, we also finished a dungeon as a team for the first time.

An exciting night again, as we got underway.

The first order of business was to set up a contribution to the Creeping Darkness courtesy of our personal family guild, Simple Complexities!

We handed over 14 Gold.

This allowed CD to first install ALL workshops for our crafting professions in the city. Omuro, the guild leader, let Tashar, my son pick where the buildings went as well. It was momentous.

As Shanrhiana, my wife was the main money maker, and the one who contributed a large lump sum to this effort, Omuro built a gate in her honor as well!

Now all we need are some uh....walls...lol

The group then headed to the Field of the Dead and entered the Cradle of Decay.

Our group consisted of Krayor (a new player to the Monday Night group) as a Guardian, Deathblooms (a Necro), Omuro a Bear Shaman, the wife as Ranger, Tashar, my son as a Herald of Xotli and myself as a Tempest of Set.

We started to mesh immediately as we started to learn our place and our job. The bosses in this dungeon were important as each are scripted in a certain way. No one, but myself and the wife and son had been here, so we helped each learn how we needed to take out the bosses.
The teamwork was phenomenal.

We had a few hiccups, but hey, for the first time, this was not too bad.

The fact we completed the dungeon and logged off by 10:30 EDT is a testament to the Casual Guilds teamwork, and how much we could accomplish in that 3 some hour time span.

I am quite pleased...heck even my wife who hates dungeons was totally impressed at how well the games grouping works. She was not overly happy with the Ranger choice she made, but really had fun with it in a group.

So, now the planning begins for next weeks meet. I am looking to set a goal to get to level 55 before we move to another major adventure. This means we either level during the week or will work on leveling that Monday!

For now, I am looking at the info this week for the Age of Conan expansion that has just been announced. I will try to pool some more information on this and do a post later this week.

For now...cheers all.

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Jayedub said...

Glad to hear the monday group is going well. Don't know about you but I like the tiny bit I have read on Rise of the Godslayer!!