Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quick post - Whats up?

Hey all

So, isn't it odd that I run a game blog about Age of Conan, yet have been playing the game so much that I do not have time to post?


Anyways, I am currently hard at work as so much is going on now.

The Monday Night Guild (Creeping Darkness) will have their first meetup tomorrow ( guessed it...Monday). New characters will be made for the son and wife, and my level 49 Tempest of Set is in. The leader of that guild, Omuro (Blamefulgecko on twitter) is working defiantly on his Bear Shaman to get him to level. We also have a tank who may need some help as well (lower levels)...but that is what the plan is all about!! A set team playing regularly, leveling, hitting dungeons, working on gathering and resources...building up the Guild City (especially for the next patch, 1.06, which will be introducing Guild incentives, kind of like EQ2).

BTW, before I go on, a quick shout to Blamefulgecko, who has started a new blog. Make sure to visit him here.

I also am testing the latest revamp on the Bear Shaman. But, I have not had too much time, as also the family guild has been dilligently leveling, and have hit the 50's. We need to do our Destiny Quests, crafting...

AGHHH...See what I mean?

Did I mention, the next iteration of the 1.05 patch (1.05.5) will be a revamp of the DARK TEMPLAR??...OMG...WHY?

Seems I got a lot to do. But, I sure do not want to forget you guys. Hopefully I will get some posting going on this week. And as always...

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers.


Anjin said...

Ha ha! Sounds like you have best excuse for not blogging. I've run into that too where I'm having so much fun gaming that I neglect my blog. That does turn the blog into the place I go when I'm feeling negative on gaming which is a bad thing.

Guess what I'm trying to say is have fun, but share the fun with us!

Jayedub said...

Thanks for the link to a new blog, I enjoy reading about other gamers exploits in Hyboria.

I blame you for my renewed interest in AoC!! I found your blog a bit before 1.05 was released, and your info on the new changes is what prompted me to resub, so thanks!

I gave up EQ2 and WoW for AoC, and have been having fun ever since.