Friday, August 21, 2009

Out of town this weekend...but..

I am working on a few things.

First up, patch 1.5.5 hit this week with a revamp of the Dark Templar skills. I am studying these changes and trying to get to grips. There are a lot more skills to use on hand, and I am learning how they all mesh. I feel a bit weaker now than before...but, I can kill pretty fast and with so many stuns and protections versus casters, it sure is proving to be interesting.

Next up I am investigating the economy of our server. The wife is heavy into using the trader and learning how people are selling goods and what goods are worth money and which are not, and finally how some people are so lazy, they cannot search for prices and throw items up for ridiculous amounts, ruining the system in place.

Finally, a while back I started working on my Bear Shaman after the 1.5.4 patch...but, put him on hold for another player in the Creeping Darkness guild.
I have not had a chance to discuss those changes and I hope to get back to him soon. The "Trio" (myself, wife and son) have debated a new team to play with. Maybe he may be used there...not sure.

All I know is I wish to see him in a Team setting.

But, for now...I am escaping. When I return, first up will be another Fashion Show for you all. The son has collected quite a bit of armor, and based on what we see, there is more variety in style than most think. The secret? EPIC and Dungeons...

Until later...CHEERS

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