Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday Night Casual Guild Report

Last night was the first meet up of the new Casual Guild, Creeping Darkness, formed by Blamefulgecko.

It all started as a simple question on Twitter. Can Age of Conan feasibly have a Casual Guild like some other MMO's (Everquest 2, LOTRO, etc..). I thought of the many ways this could possibly happen. What with City Building, Dungeons, quick finish on quests and just grouping in general to do things makes the game more lively.

I can tell you, that our first night proved this. With just four of us, we whipped through a section of landscape to reach a quest that could take one or two players an hour to do, in about 10 minutes.

But, our first meet was just to discuss some things. Like type of crafting we need, and quick hellos.

We have an Assassin, Ranger, HoX and ToS that are at level 50 or above. Several lower levels (a 36, and a 12..) also. I will try to do a roster and post that soon.

We also have a guild site here

Several things of note happened. First, the 50's all finished their Destiny Quests. Several members started gathering, including my son, who had some items he put up for sale, and he smacked ONE GOLD into the guild bank as his contribution! (Way to go son!).
The wife started doing gemcutting and is working on selling these off to contribute to the Guild Bank.
We found out how many mats we need for our next wall to go up at the Guild City as well. So, we have started to gather those goods.

I needed to log, but, my wife and son stayed up a little later and met with the guys from Channel Massive who are doing the casual thing in Creeping Darkness as well. I pray they do not know TOO much now (scared the wife may have been TOO open????).

We all had a great time, and already planned a night of dungeon crawling next week in the Cradle of Decay. A unique dungeon with scripted boss encounters that need to be tackled a specific way.
Not easy...thats for sure.

Thats all for now...have a good one and Cheers!


Anonymous said...

A great meet-up! I'm really excited to see where the guild is heading.

Shout out to Openedge Jr. for the great guild participation!

Jayedub said...

I do have a question, does this casual guild have a level or class requirement? And are you currently seeking new members?