Monday, August 24, 2009

Fashion...turn to the left..

(Hey, if I can use anything Bowie..I will do

Well, I am back. A nice weekend away, and still very tired...but, had a good time eating and shopping.
Anyways, today I wanted to get some pics out there of what my son has been collecting on his Dark Templar.
Armor up the wazoo. What you will see actually is not only pieces that are world drops, but some unique finds that are only available by entering dungeons and epic zones.
I have discussed the epic zones before, but basically, all bosses will drop a unique and blue item in these areas.
So far, FoTD is the easiest to find groups of bosses close to each other, where you can get the most bang for you buck. Several others prove to be more difficult, but have some great gear.

What follows is some of the various outfits he has put together into his RP sets....enjoy.

Also some great shields...

And an interesting weapon...(yes, that is a arm and hand,,,)

Then I always try to catch a few others out there who have gained raid sets or other varieties...these are quite nice...

Ok...that is all for today. Think of it as my fashion blog entries. Just like to have these every once in a while...especially when I see the "No variety in armor" posts. I just point them here.

Sorry, there just have to put some effort in. This right here is a perfect reason to group up when you want to just solo the game...


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Jayedub said...

Welcome back! Love the outfits, they all look really good. One reason I love this game is because of it's look.