Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Work is BUSY - But some AoC news

Well, work has really become slam time, with contacts needing to be made, lists to compile, and more...
I just have not had time to write.
Then when I get home in the evenings, eating supper and mass quantities of Age of Conan take what little leisure I have left.

But, starting this week, I have been discussing a Casual Guild with another Tweeter on Twitter, who happens to live in North Carolina (my home state) and we are trying to organize a "Set Night" guild.
Thus, we would play a specific night, a specific time, and have specific goals.

The guild already has a tier one city, thus, we will continue building upon that. Our main goal is for when the wife and son hit 50, they will create their free level 50's. Then those characters will go into that guild.
I added an old character, a Tempest of Set named Ethalos to that guild already (the guild is called the Creeping Darkness), and am power leveling a Bear Shaman as well, so I have a variety to choose from.
We will all try classes to complement, yet be ones we wish to play or have never played. The wife is looking at a Ranger, and the son ...a HoX.

The guild will be actively recruiting those who just want a guild to hang out in, and have a purpose. The city is one goal, dungeons another (as I still believe Age of Conan has some of the best). We will need to set priorities on levels (I am suggesting a 5 level moratorium...so, basically no one is more than 5 levels apart, which should eliminate XP loss in groups, and all doing the same quests).

The guild is on the Set server, so if you are reading and looking for a home to hang...come join us.

Cheers for now

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