Monday, September 22, 2008

Age of Conan - Change our Destiny

As I noted previously, the wife and I have taken the path of not doing the "Destiny" storyline.
The single player aspect of it detracts from us playing together, and with so much to do on the island besides this story, we headed out in search of changing our destiny.

Using various quests and dungeons, over the last 3 days, we have been able to get to level 16 within a 10 hour span. Not only is this reasonable, it was quite fun.

Knowing that eventually we would need to get off the island, Shanra and Ethalos needed a plan. The Red Hand's spies were everywhere.
I enlisted the aid of an old colleague of mine, Jheren, to look into the mysterious character only known as the "Smuggler".
The "Smuggler" understood that some who fought the resistance were in slightly more danger than others and would be willing to take them to their homeland.
More danger existed upon our homeland than it did in Tortage, and he knew we may be needed elsewhere.
But, to find him, we need a code, a special code he had hidden.
A simple note was found that had clues of his location.
"In the south, the pelican sits above the docks, overlooking a boat of fish that it desired. Behind the Pelican secrets could be found."

Jheren headed south in Tortage and looked to the docks for answers. Upon arriving he surveyed the location intensely. Off to the left he noted a large building "overlooking" the docks.

Studying the building, Jheren finds an interesting surprise. A Pelican is beautifully painted upon the building. Now, he needed to decipher the clue even more.
"Behind" the pelican?
Jheren moves around to the rear of the building.

He finds a note tacked onto the back of the building. It reads about an abandoned warehouse in the NW corner of Tortage. It is signed...

"The Smuggler"

Jheren searches the various buildings and happens upon an old Abandoned Warehouse. He tries to be careful as some old filthy Pirates make their home near here. If spotted, he could be their next Booty!
A young beggar girl has made her home in this alley and eyes Jheren suspiciously, but then looks the other way as he enters the building.

Inside awaits the smuggler...


So far I only know that you may not attempt this quest to leave the Island until level 17. And we are almost there.
But, we still have a good bit of quests in our quest log, and we are still having fun since we entered the Underhalls for the first time.
The Acheronian Ruins also hold fun, and as an added bonus, we have a collections quest there, where we can get various "prizes" for a number of leather straps from Picts we kill.
We do know that we have gained some quite unique armor pieces and weapons since we have entered these two locations.
We are earning money as well. This is very important for us if we leave the Island.
So, the chance to change our Destiny still continues. We will see just how far we can progress with altering the fates of these characters.


Scott said...

Since the DQ's are single-player, do you two play through them at different times then wait til you can play together? Or stick to the same duo play-times and try to finish the DQ's as quickly as possible so you can get grouped with each other again?

Openedge1 said...

Originally when we trialed the game, this is the way we played.
The reason for this blog post is we have decided to skip the DQ completely.

This way we see if
1. It can be done
2. Keeps us together, and allows us to see how long it takes to level and leave Tortage.

In so many words, we have not done one single DQ and have just been playing based on the 100's of quests that are the standard form.
Since we are playing together it has been more fun, and unpredictable that way.

We have really liked it better. But, when I take a solo character in (so I can play with the classes) I am doing the DQ almost exclusively.
I level faster.
Die a lot, but hey, it is fun.

Stargrace said...

I've never played AoC before - but the pictures of it look amazing. Having fun is always so very important! Sounds like you're having plenty of it.