Saturday, September 20, 2008

Compromises in our MMO's for the other half

Over on Veni,Vidi,Bloggi, I read how Aspendawn is having a dilemma.
The dilemma happens to be over Warhammer Online.

It seems that she and her husband game together, much like the wife and myself.
He has grown bored of their MMO of choice as of late, and has turned to the "new" game on the block.
Trying the game herself, Aspendawn seemed to not be too impressed...

"Although I knew it wasn't a game for me, I saw him enjoying himself"

Ah the compromises some of us make for our mates.

I knew that I saw something of interest in WAR, but I also saw how it replicated so much of the other mechanics of the old games.
When my wife tried it, then it was pretty much written out for me..

"This sucks, and I will not play it..."

Seems she helped me get off that fence.

And this is important to realize. Not everyone will like what others enjoy. No amount of coercion will help.

I think a lot of players go the way of the majority as maybe they do not have that special someone to help them make some decisions. Whether this is a life choice or just the way things are, it does not matter.

Some people can think for themselves luckily and make the right choices. Some follow the mob mindset.

For myself, and Aspendawn...our relationships can help us out in the long run. It is good to have that partner to rely on for input and decision making.

We have Guild Wars and Age of Conan now.

So, everytime when my wife sees that splash of blood in Conan on her screen and giggles as the mob she just destroyed is rolling in flames screaming profusely, she says "Ooo...that is so satisfying", or cries, "I have more babies" speaking of the undead that she has raised from the dead with her Necro in GW.

A man can only be so lucky in their life.


Stargrace said...

I am *incredibly* lucky that my other half games. However, we don't game together, or at least it happens rarely. While he's in a 6-nights-a-week raiding type guild, I prefer a far more casual approach to the game(s). If one or the other of us didn't game at all, there'd be no peace in this house that's for sure.

I like that we play different games - but come together in times (working on epics, playing Guild Wars etc) of need and help one another out. It's great that we each have our own stories to tell and comments to make about everything going on.

Openedge1 said...

Lately the wife has been playing the Xbox (more than me /*pout), and she loves the "alone" time she has there.
Our son is a big gamer also, so when she plays the 360, it is "her" time. He then goes to play himself.
But, we always share in our games, and it should be ok to have games of our own.
I think what makes me feel lucky is the fact that she is more opinionated (is that possible?) than me, and if she does not like it...does not beat around the bush.
This helps me make those decisions that I am on the fence about (like EQ2, where we felt we needed a break. I was really torn over this, and she helped me work through it. We love the game though, so we will return someday)

I think there are quite a few bloggers who try to escape into the games as maybe their home life is not so good (putting in sometimes 12 hour stretches into games, and ignoring family is not so cool), and Aspendawn reminded me that maybe some of our choices are out of our control...

These are the compromises in my eyes. Hopefully the games do NOT get in the way of the relationship is all.

Hopefully Aspendawn does not let the decision pull her from something she likes..

Aspendawn said...

No I sure won't! :) He's been enjoying time on his own in WAR. At this point there are always people around to join in on the quests and such. And he doesn't mind dabbling in the pvp, which I just can't get into.

So I'm still doing my EQ2 thing while he's there and joining in a few days a week. It "feels" to me a bit like LOTRO with all the running around and questing and drives me a bit bonkers if I play too long. But for once in awhile play, I don't mind it at all.