Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Warhammer Online - Strange Coincidence?


So, reports of gold farmer bannings was reported by Quite a FEW SITES Yesterday.

What really struck me is this took place on the 22nd of Sept.

I then wonder if this has any correlation...?


Hudson said...

I'll be honest, I dont think its helping. I got spammed like a mo fo last night. Like I said in my post, I think its a battle they cant win

Openedge1 said...

It does look like people are more P.O'd about the spam from the game than the spam from the gold sellers.

I am always amused over how adamanat people are about the gold sellers and their hatred towards them.
It seems to never hurt me.

I can either /ignore, turn off tells and or delete mails.
But, when someone pops up a message on my screen telling me how they kicked someone, that would get annoying real fast.

Itemization needs to change now in games.
But, we will not see anything new.
Look at Wizard 101 though.
Tipa pointed out how their system works, and that could be a major boon to how trading and selling should be done in the future.

Maybe the AH needs to be left out of games as well.
Guild Wars has the capability to break down items for mats. Maybe make all equipment that is color coded BoP and all "white" items breakable..

May have to blog on that..


Anonymous said...

Aside from the standard disclaimer that one shouldn't read too much into Xfire's numbers, I think it's just slightly more likely to be the post-weekend dip. I do wish you could access Xfire's data in a way that makes it easier to analyze - maybe you can, but I haven't seen a way to do that short of manually getting the daily totals and plugging them into my own spreadsheet.

Hudson's right in that this is probably a battle that cannot be won. What I can't figure out is why anybody needs to buy gold in the first place; other than cosmetic stuff like dyes and such, and mounts at 20, there's really not all that m uch to spend money on. Maybe this comes up for crafters or something.

Openedge1 said...

I would believe the "weekend" post dip if it was not for the fact of the weird upsurge again the following day.
(Banned accounts create new accounts for more gold sellers)
And yes, the disclaimer that Xfire does not represent the overall majority, but shows "trends" of players and the games they like.
To an extent.

This was just too strange of a problem to not notice...
Will have to continue watching this as the bans go on.

Is their an Auction House in WAR? I have not read anything about that due to so many blogs discussing the RvR, PQ, Open Grouping, etc..
(Not even anything worth a darn about crafting has been posted...)

AH equals massive gold selling in my opinion.
Get rid of AH, less gold selling.

I plan to blog on this in a moment...
It is an interesting Dichotomy...and I love me some 'Dicho'

Bildo said...

I actually find the little box that pops up to be cleverly written and entertaining... once.

More than that and it's overdone.

We get it, you're banning gold sellers. But no need to block my view of the action with it.

Likely will be taken out, if it hasn't already.

As to an AH, yes there is and it's lively already. I get most of my Apothecary items from there actually.

I'll see if I can go about making a post sometime this week about Apoth and Scavenging (my two crafting skills). It's just that with all the fighting Destruction, the more exciting to talk about is the battles and not the time I've spent brewing potions out of leeches and cloudy water. :)

Anonymous said...

i have no problem with people buying gold. i do have a problem getting spammed for gold. they should just let those that want to buy it, buy it..maybe that will cut out on the spamming of us non buyers.

- Mitch - said...

Also Monday was also patch day, so late night players probably couldn't log in, and started playing something else instead.

zenfro said...

You'll notice the same unusual dip/rebound in AoC and LotR. I'm guessing it has something to do with xfire rather than any particular game.