Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gestalt Gamer - Truth in blogging

I just read a very impressive post over on Gestalt Mind.

His statements really hit home on how I feel that the blogosphere has really taken a toll thanks to the feverish fanboyism of late.

One statement really hits home for me thanks to my "hiatus".
He says...
"I’m sick of reading various bloggers state that everyone just HAS to try it (Warhammer) and that if they don’t, they are just being stubborn. They state things like, “I’ve played it through beta and am still having fun. That PROVES that Warhammer isn’t just about hype. It is real and you have to try it.”

"Opinions of the “you MUST” variety are always a sure-fire way to keep me far, far away"

And this really explains my simple (or complex) reasoning of discussing the blogosphere as I have. It may explain why my commenting upon such games has been more "vocal".

Truly, we understand that the hype of the game has really created an almost "Religious Zeal" of the title, in protecting it or attacking others who do not enjoy any aspect of the game.

But, get over it.
Warhammer Online is not "unique". It is not an evolution of the MMO genre. It is tired and stale mechanics wrapped in a different skin, that really resembles the skin of another game which already has a huge audience.
World of Warcraft.

Eventually this fervor will die down, and then we will see the chinks of those who laud a game, only to be disappointed (A certain former Age of Conan, LOTRO player comes to mind) when it becomes rote and time spent really does not reap rewards, then they will be back on the same trail...looking for their next fix.

Instead, I hope that the sphere will get back to just writing about their "experiences" in their games of choice and not be such salesmen for mediocre titles.


Bildo said...

Hey Edge,

E-mail me man. Or MSN at the same address. I lost your e-mail, and not sure if your previous blog's address is actually you.

In reference to the "salesman" crack, I think you and I both know that simply being a fan of game doesn't make one a salesman.

Hell, I still defend Conan on blogs trashing it.

Openedge1 said...

You are correct.

The salesman part comes in when comments are stated as such that if someone does not feel the same way about their (the commenter's) product of choice, the "haters", as they are referred to, are wrong.

Calling someones opinion incorrect because it does not match with your own, and then proceeding to explain it like this on EVERY comment section across the web, smacks of "salesman".

But, lets say the "hater" does the same thing as the "fan"? They are wrong and should stop.

For me, I think the "fans" do not need to sell the product so much.
You have even stated "Try it if you do not agree".
Ok we will, but now if we do not agree with your assessment, then don't tell us we are "wrong"

I can name at least 10 blogs with your name or various other blogger's all stating how someones opinion is wrong as it does not match theirs.

This screams "sell".

I wonder how many other bloggers are hoping for some "free" game time, and they really have a reason for their fanaticism.

Guess all the "positives" need a "dissenter".

I prefer to stay in the "dissenter" camp, until proven wrong.

Also, this is really not about Conan, or WAR or ANY particular game. It is about ALL games.

The hype machine really has turned people ugly, with name calling, rude behavior, "Toboldgate" references and not to mention the "I write better than you, therefore me BLOGGER, you not" attitudes just kinda suck.

We all lost the grasp of what this is really about.
Gaming, and we who game discussing games.
As long as we "blog" we will discuss it where we wish.
Comment sections or blog posts, name it.

Freedom of the net is cool.

Bildo said...

For the record, I've never once stated that anyone is wrong about their opinion. I've just rebutted with my own... is that not what discussion is?

Openedge1 said...

Actually, the words were...

..What gives you the right to....

Certainly said in some form of anger I am sure...

But, really, this would not have been an issue.

The issue presents itself when to argue your point further, it was much easier to stoop to "personal" attacks..which was not the first time.

I am trying to understand how that figures into good discussion.

The focus of discussing the games were lost.

And as such, that will be the focus of my blog.
Good gaming blogs really deserve more attention than those who follow the mob mindset.
Those who discuss their games with dedication, and not try to be all "reporter" like.
We are not news, and never will be.

You guys gave me a very good reason to continue to blog, and I thank you personally.