Thursday, September 25, 2008

Everquest 2- Game Update 49

It has been while since I have looked back at this game.
The wife and myself really enjoyed our time there, and spent 8 months grinding levels.
But, we never made it past 50.

Luckily the new update offers faster progression, and this interests me. I have yet to 100% end game most of my MMO's due to the tedious level process and the derivative nature of the questing.

EQ2 held us thanks to the variety of things to do.

But, money ran out for us quite quickly, and we felt the long tedious grind to get cash.
People have stated over and over how easy cash is to get. But, I can only assume that they have found some easy button.
I harvested and sold a lot of mats, but that is what the game became for me after so long...Log on, harvest or craft, log off.

I needed more excitement.

Anyways, now with an easier level curve, this could really be the ticket to get maxed at least.

But, another issue was how the game ran. For such a "new age" engine, it became doggier as I upgraded my hardware.
When I got Age of Conan and saw that it ran BETTER than EQ2 (with the looks to boot) it became hard to continue playing.
Now, with GU 49 there is discussion of Dual Core support. This could really make the game run more efficiently.

So, two bonus items for EQ2 now. I may have to reload.
I am hoping another one of those cool "freebie" months comes along. So, I will try to hold off for now, but I will be keeping my eye on these changes.



Aspendawn said...

I have one alt at 80 and it took me about a year and a half to get there. But I was in no hurry since I know I wouldn't be doing any end game stuff anyway.

At about 50 I think is where a lot of people start losing interest or rolling another alt. Between the experience changes and the revamped Everfrost, it should move along pretty nicely at that level.

Making money can be a challenge. Killing mobs sure doesn't do it, so it's pretty much selling shinies and harvestables and knowing what the hot items are.

Openedge1 said...

That is what ended up being difficult.
I would get up in the mornings and play for an hour or so before work.
But, all I did was go harvest rares for the Broker.
I was not questing anymore.
To me that was not any fun.

When myself and the wife would play, we would quest a bit.
But, there were days she stopped doing that to go for some Broker action and found she could just level by buying collection pieces.
Expensive and too easy.
She finally stopped questing, and then I just was done..

We started questing again before we went back to Guild Wars and had some fun in Sinking Sands...
And it could be fun to go back if the game ran better.

So, a lot rides on how these new changes affect questing and performance.

I would not mind some more variety in the games I play...

brenda said...

You make money by getting to max level. Money is a lot easier there. It's pointless to try to amass a fortune at low level -- in nearly every MMO I can think of.

EQ2 is a casual, fun game with a lot of different ways to play. But you have to switch them occasionally -- you can't just do one thing all the time. That's dull.

Openedge1 said...

And where I ultimately failed is by getting into a rut.
My problem was having my butt handed to me on too many occasions, and wanting to get better armor, which led to needing money to buy the good stuff.
I was not in a big guild, and it was hard to keep a big guild in EQ2 (people kept leaving the game)
so, crafters were few.
I could craft one item and be short another.
But yes, it felt like a trap. Needed the cash and as such I got into the habit of doing the cash stuff...

Luckily I did not BUY my gold