Thursday, September 25, 2008

FEEVY getting some major feeds

On the right I am using a tool called FEEVY that takes RSS feeds and creates the really cool avatar looking list of blogs.
It is an awesome little widget and is easy to use. It also gives the updated feed on top action with a brief synopsis of the feed which I like as well.

Anyways, I have been going nuts and adding a ton of new ones. It is still all about the games baby...but some discuss so many subjects it could get wild.
I really did some major hunting today and have put in some great blogs (but man still a ton playing WAR as

Anyways, if you wish a blogroll add, let me know, and I will get to reviewing.

Now, back to looking at games...

Bildo brought up in comments one game I am looking forward to that is not an MMO (yea) but is multiplayer (?)...
It is along the lines of the husband/wife style of gaming...
It is

Fable 2.

Seems it has same screen co-op gameplay. I have not had one of those in ages, and I am a little excited.

Nothing more fun than cuddling with the wife on the couch for some slaughtering of random mobs.

Fable 2 has male/female avatars as well, so who knows WHAT may happen?

Anyways, enough on that for now...thanks for stopping by.

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Bildo said...

Fable 2, even though I'm scared it'll be overhyped like the original, is looking to be nothing short of brilliant.

Simple for anyone to play, but deep for those who are hardcore. That's a great balance to strike, and one Molyneaux knows a lot about after all these years.

Have you seen some of the screens of possible character looks? It's amazing how different one person can look from the next, all based on choices of morality, and actions on the battlefield.

I can't wait. Aye, expect a lot of my own WAR talk to stop for a week or two when that one hits. That and Fallout 3. My two most wanteds.