Monday, September 29, 2008

Age of Conan - Destiny of Tortage complete

After 12 hours of played time, Tetlana my Necromancer has left the island of Tortage and headed to her homeland.

As I stated, I tried to continue story lines as much as possible, and avoid doing standard quests. There was a lull during Level 14 and 18. You could go at 19 to complete the final part of the story, but I followed several regular quest lines from 18 to 19. This took me to level 20 total.

Anyone who at least would purchase the game box would get quite a bit of play out of AoC, and the beginning area is incredible. Many cutscenes and story originality abounds.
The trading of the blood of a whore from virgins blood for one quest as you climb a volcana is quite amusing.

Anyways, upon reaching the mainland, I started to be a little concerned again over how gorgeous the armor of the NPC's was compared to my own. Even though you can see from the image below, the robe I get upon the final quest of Destiny is quite lovely. The fact that so many variations of belts and even the "choker" which shows up when you wear them is truly an added bonus.
But, then so does everyone elses same robe...(they did that quest too ya know)

I had read there were changes to how the Auction House was working in AoC now with the last patch, and I decided to see what people were selling.
It just seemed to be dull robes or silk outfits.
But, I used the new search to narrow down to rarity and level, and found something of interest. All of the outfits were different..
So, browsing this new selection which was quite inexpensive, I put together this new outfit.


As to our duo (husband and wife team) we have moved ahead with completing all of the island standard quests, and are down to the last 3 in our books. I will report more upon their adventures soon.
This duo though is on hour 20. So, the time difference is quite noticeable.
I am really fascinated over how many fun quests there are on Tortage that probably so many people miss. Not just that but money to be made, as the drop rate is huge. So much so that we keep running through several sections on the island and see people leaving bags behind.
We of course thank them for doing this as we grab some more loot.
One area known as the Acheronian Ruins has a quest that takes you to the top of a huge pyramid, and we are talking...HUGE.
The height is so realistic that I was getting dizzy thinking of falling off the edge.
Anyways. We can unequivocally state that within the game, there is fun to be had whether solo or grouped.
The fact the wife wants to still play is also telling to me.
Something is quite compelling about Age of Conan, and the game has so much going for it.
The audience is going to be key for Funcom now.
Wonder if they can appeal to the right crowd.
I even wonder if they know who their crowd is (all I know is it is niche at this time...)

My confidence is still shaky in regards to Funcom being committed. No new announcements of further patching or content and the Testlive server is dead. But, the new director just joined 2 weeks ago. It could be a total change of direction going on at this time.
Patience will be key now.

Ok...later and thanks for reading.

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