Saturday, September 27, 2008

LOTRO - Steefel decides he likes the taste of foot

I am not quite sure where this guy thinks he is.
I try to grasp what knowledge he has that the rest of the MMO audience does not.

According to a new interview at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Steefel has this to say.

"It’s arguably one of the top MMOs in the industry right now – we’ll see what happens with the new games that are coming out, but probably the second most prominent MMO game right now. It continues to grow in quality and size and the players that we have are great, worldwide. Really interesting community worldwide, even more committed in some respects than some other communities in other games."

As I have said before. Nothing more proud than being #2.

Steefel goes on with nice little tidbits like
"We have been building these kind of games for fourteen years – this is our fourth one. We got it right – as in, totally right – on our fourth try."

For who exactly? You? sure thing...for the MMO audience? You may need some more research there.

He goes on...
"The other thing you do is try and figure out how you can give people play sessions that are not as deep commitment wise – hence the focus on solo play."

That is why you make a MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER game.

I am not one to worry for one's marketing lingo. But, Steefel seems really clueless. Or he feels the need to make this game something more than it is.
There is no real data that says this game is the second most "prominent" game. The discussion on the net and the gaming world is minimal at best.

I really hope Steefel has something special here, but I do not hold up hope for Turbine games. All have disappointed me in some shape or form, or for the mass audience. (DDO and AC2 being two fine examples of less than stellar titles...Turbine is averaging a 50% success rate right now...)

Can someone just put a muzzle on this guy? Paul Barnett looks intelligent compared to this guy.


Anonymous said...

TUrbine claimed the second place for LOTRO recently after its release, which as I recall was based on some released numbers for subscription based MMOs in North America.

I don't recall seeing the "size" of the subscriber base mentioned at any press release after that; but I may have missed that.

If they got LOTRO totally right I think I will be happy to continue playing some flawed MMOs.

Stargrace said...

This has nothing at all to do with your post - but congratulations on the new TV *grins* hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

Openedge1 said...



But, really. I would like to hear from you on LOTRO actually. Have you ever played it?
Since you are very PvE oriented, I was really interested in your thoughts about the game.
Did you ever do any write ups on your site?


Stargrace said...

Never played, no intentions of playing. Nothing against the game (I try not when I haven't even played to really form an opinion) but with everything that VG / EQ2 already offered, I didn't see anything jump out at me that made me really HAVE TO GO PLAY RIGHT NOW.. Know what I mean? Plus, not exactly sure when that released, but I was probably knee deep in raiding in EQ2 at the time, and playing in a new expansion. I haven't always been so restless and bouncing from game to game *grins*