Thursday, September 25, 2008

Age of Conan - Following Destiny

As I have previously discussed, the wife and myself are trying to play the opening area of Conan as a normal MMO, and not with the "Single Player" Destiny quest.
By doing this we extend the area and do not have to split up to complete a separate story line.
I knew this would affect us time wise and it shows as we have played 11 hours to reach level 17.

How does this compare to having a Destiny?

As I like to have an alternate in game to collect cash, and do menial tasks for my main, and I really wanted to play with a pet class, Tetlana was born.
She will progress through the game following the main Destiny story to see how long it will take to complete Tortage.

I have another advantage here for this not being so "familiar".
Having left the game within the first 30 days, I had focused my time for one class, as I needed to see what the later game entailed.
Knowing Funcom had really dropped the ball, I was not going to create a mess load of classes. So, in actuality due to this decision, I had only played one of the 3 Destinies available.

So, this storyline has some fresh perspective, and allows me to try this test without getting annoyed too much.
As I play, I try to stay in the Destiny stories as much as possible. I only will do regular quests as needed to get to the next level for the Destiny quests.

There is a huge difference so far. I am at 3.5 hours and have already hit level 14. So, as XP and rewards go, doing the Destiny is more rewarding for the Single player.

I honestly think if Funcom could have focused more on this PvE section of the game and reduced the levels, a lot more satisfied players would be still adventuring in Hyborea.
I do not know how many times I have read in guild chat "Do the voices stop when I leave Tortage?"

Sadly they do.

But, more has been added. Several now talk in the main cities when you arrive (which is good, as some of the quests there are kind of neat. For example as an Aquilonian, you have a debate with a Priest of Set about the evils of their land and their God.)

For now, I am satisfied with the game since the performance changes, and will continue until something else of interest comes along.

More on the Destiny/Non-Destiny as I continue.

Thanks for reading.

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