Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lamenting the loss of my RSS

Well, it seems the RSS feed on my Google Reader is now being filtered out.
I am going in and archiving so many sites...

Why is that you ask?

The end of variety.

It seems every site on my list is now discussing Warhammer Online.

And it gets monotonous.

I still have a few throwbacks (Tipa, Stargrace, Kill Ten Rats- even though they are slowly verging on monotony) plus a couple others.

But some who really discussed so many various topics are now withering away and turning into a WAR only blog (example : Tobold).

This was to be expected. But, I just needed to express my disappointment.

For now, true discussion is gone, and now it is all about WAR.

It seems my list is shrinking, and makes for a boring day of reading.

I bet once World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King launches, things may get spruced up again..

Guess I better add some "Political" blogs. Controversy and variety will be rampant there I bet.

Anyone have some other suggestions for alternate reading?


brenda said...

Now I feel stupid for talking about Warhammer every day :)

You can subscribe to the RSS for Huffington Post ( and Daily KOS if you're a leftist liberal like me.

Hudson said...

You have to remember some of us blog about our gaming experiences, and right now a ton of us are playing WAR.

I dont blog to discuss new currency systems in MMO's or talk about how RMT will destroy the world or garbage like that, I post a diary of what my characters are up to.

Wrath of the Lich King will only make things worse, better buckle down!

Just keep posting what YOU want, dont worry so much about what others are talking about. Its all about FUN

Openedge1 said...

You totally missed the point. That is ok.

The fact remains that what I have to READ (not "blog" about, as I can find a lot of fun things to discuss there) has pretty much turned into a WAR fest, and before it was more variety.
Each person was playing something that was different, or discussing things like ...oh...comics or TV or books, etc.
Basically a blog...i.e: like a diary.
I also understand that people will discuss their current game. I even state it was "expected".
But, a person can still feel saddened that ALL that they see now is Warhammer!

But, the Warhammer stories you gave were entertaining...
Right now I can go to almost every single site in my RSS, and they are full of RvR, PQ, Tome, WAR, and so much other coded speak, that if you don't play, then why read it, as it is their own little language..
If you do not share that world, then you are not part of their "elite" cadre!
That make sense?

If I go to your site, or stargrace, or say even Cesspit, then things are laid out without the "geek" speak.
They are "stories".

Big difference...

Scott said...

Even though I have the WAR thing going on too, I hope I'm at least providing a different read than the "z0mg!" fanbois are? :p

Anonymous said...

I added a bunch of political blogs to my feed. That lasted about a week; I got tired of getting angry reading them every day.

That a guild was formed out of the MMO blogging community has helped WAR dominate that space; the mere fact that Casualties existed drew a number of bloggers into WAR, and people tend to blog about whatever they're playing at the moment.

Rest assured, though, that it's a matter of weeks at most before folks who are blogging 100% WAR right now drift off to other topics. I am trying to break things up, but the MMO news cycle is overwhelmed with WAR right now.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, politics.

I should warn you that Huffington Post is one of the political feeds I subscribed to, and the first one I turned off - not because it made me angry but because it choked my newsreader's 'New Items' pane with a hundred or more per day. DailyKos is also guilty of this.

Other good leftie feeds are,,

Also, PLEASE consider turning off word verfication. It's incredibly burdensome, and one of the reasons I dislike Blogspot.

Openedge1 said...

Thanks for the input everone...
First...since I am moderating, I have turned off word verification...(thanks for the heads up Ardwulf)

The input of someone who maybe was not into the game at first has been interesting to read.
And that is the point. More variety of stories was becoming thin..

But, really everyone, it is not that I mind the WAR posts too much. It just seems so inundated, as Ardwulf says, thanks to a blogging community guild.

I am really looking to diversify. And I have been avidly searching and really was interested in some input on some new blogs.

I appreciate the input on the "political" blogs.
I am not sure I want to be inundated with that as well...

I guess when you got use to an overall round of discussion from so many various commenters and bloggers, it becomes jarring when all of the variety is gone.

Kind of like our MMO's

Jesse said...

You can't go wrong with some webcomics. I have an entire folder in Google Reader dedicated to them, Link. Also, laughing is better for your health than politics. ;)

Bildo said...

Sorry about CoW's domination. :)

Rest assured that my WAR blogging, yes even mine, will slow down once Fallout 3 and Fable 2 come out. But with WAR having just come out, it's fresh and being played by a LOT of people.

Tobold is a classic case of blogging what he plays (which has mainly been WoW but is WAR right now).

It's gotta suck to be one of the few NOT in on what's going on. My suggestion? Find some of the console gaming blogs, they're always interesting, but often very newsy.

For discussion, you're just going to have to weed through the WAR spam and find the posts that AREN'T on it.

Openedge1 said...


Good idea, webcomics will be fun. Looking at your list.
(PS: I want to add your new blog to my feevy...but, man can you star the F**k in the title? in the body of the post swearing is good..!!!

It does suck to an extent, but I am happier for not playing WAR.
I at least made the right choice there.
But, like you said...some new games coming may be the ticket.
Of course as Hudson said...Wrath will also be on the horizon.
More fodder for discussion I am sure.

Bildo said...

Isn't the Agency due out before the end of the year, or is it 2009 now?

Even I want to see what that one's like. I just hope it's Free 2 Play... more companies could follow GW's model there.

Openedge1 said...

The Agency sounds interesting...but is not dated until 2009.
It is also an SOE project, and I am always worried when they enter the ring.
Launch may not be pretty is my assumption.
But, with the core of the game being made for the PS3, it could be more stable than most MMO's.

Patience I guess is the norm when it comes to the waiting.

Jesse said...

I don't usually curse much in my writing, but now that I think about it I can see how having an uncensored title could be detrimental. I don't blog very much, but the idea portion of the site gets updates far more often. The IdealMMO spell section is going through a heavy revision as I meta test the systems in my head, and I've also got a SimpleMMO idea that needs just a bit more development in the notebook and pencil stage before I'm comfortable sharing it on the internet.

Oakstout said...

I know the feeling. I've not been blogging a lot because the only thing I've been playing is WAR and since everyone is playing it, for the most part, why blog the same thing that someone else is blogging? It just bores people to your blog indicates. lol

So, I too am waiting for something exciting to happen in the blog-o-sphere so I will have something to write about and discuss.

At least Hudson writes about comics every now and then lol.

Crimson Starfire said...

Lol. I'm playing WAR atm and even I'm bored of reading posts about it. Kinda hard to blog about stuff that your not playing though.

I'll miss your feedback.