Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No MMO on my play list

Today I officially removed Tabula Rasa from my playing list. I looked at the icon this morning, and just decided a big NO to clicking it.
I just do not feel compelled. I wonder if it is the thought of it shutting down? Or was it the same over and over combat mechanics that killed it for me?

I miss Fantasy though, and that may be the issue.

Luckily I have Deadspace filling the Sci-Fi itch I get once in a great while (and of note..Deadspace is truly an AWESOME game, and I am duly impressed with the sound and controls...but more on that at another time)

So, back to the MMO issue.

I am debating starting up my DDO account I have waiting for me. I think the Hirelings are live now, and this was one of the items I wanted in effect when I played.
I also have a 10 dollar discount to Amazon, and I am debating getting a 60 day card for Age of Conan again.
I think I will wait on Conan to get DX10 first. I have a huge guild waiting on me, so getting players there for grouping is not an issue, but I really want to see the effects in their full glory. Several videos are about showing the sun rays effects and real time shadowing with blur for combat...very cool stuff.

But, I could also just not play any MMO for now, and continue on the wonderful Xbox 360 games I have. There is a ton of those..
Deadspace, Infinite Undiscovery, Prince of Persia and Star Wars: Force Unleashed.

With 2009 looking drab for the MMO genre, luckily there are several MMO's left to occupy my time. So maybe I should not rush starting a new one yet?

Anyways, back to the work grind...and if I miss it...Happy New Year.


Bildo said...

I don't know if they're your speed, but if you want something on the PC to play between Xbox games check out the Civilization series. The 4th is by far the best, even better than numero dos. And if you want a more relaxed version, CivRev is dang fun for the 360.

Openedge1 said...

Are those RTS style games? No matter how much I try (Battle for Middle Earth was my final game I tried...), I just cannot get into those.
Weird, as I like some aspects, and some games have attributes like RTS like Kingdom Under Fire, but the management stuff kills me..
That and this stuff looks like History

Thanks for the suggestions though. I see CivRev has a demo, and may try it, but the main gist was I have a lot to do, that maybe I can hold off doing an MMO, as I already have a lot to play..

Happy New Year

Bildo said...

LOL. Well trust me, I'm not one to pick up on strategy games, but Civ has something of a mass-appeal factor. Especially with the streamline versions of 4 and CivRev.

It's turn-based and not RTS also, which helps me because I SUCK at RTS games.

But there's something really satisfying about taking the Celts from roving bands of tribal fury and into the space to settle Alpha Centauri.

If you learn something along the way... bonus! Just a thought. :)

Danshir said...

Sins of a Solar Empire is pretty fun but has a high learning curve. You could also try Rise of Nations:Legends. It's pretty fun.

As for MMO, I'm in the same boat for the most part. I'm about to give Archlord a try but I've heard its mostly *infact all* PvP so..yeah.

Anonymous said...

Danshir, the Free MMO podcast @ Virginworlds covered Archlord recently, you might want to listen to that one first.

For me 2009 looks much more promising in terms of MMOs than 2008. Fantasy titles may not be so many, but there are a couple of titles in SciFi, comic book and others that should see the light of day in 2009.

Scott said...

Archlord... install it, copy the MP3's somewhere, then uninstall it. Actually I'd be more inclined to give it a shot if it would support widescreen resolutions; I did enjoy some of the exploration and it even has crafting of a sort, and auto-potions was a neat feature but at the end of the day it all comes down to buying stamina saver potions. PvP is a big part of the game, especially the whole "archlord" concept but I only noticed it when I was in a guild and we declared war (or maybe the other guild did it first?) on another guild and I had high-level enemy guild players camping me in the low-level town. It's a guild flag so the only way I could unflag myself was to quit the guild and logout for 1hr. Not fun.

Scott said...

RTS... ah... always something I wanted to like but I suck so badly at. I think Total Annihilation was the first one I ever got any good at but as soon as I got into PvP with it I was right back to suckage.

I own World in Conflict and while I die in the most glorious explosions, I still die and that's about it. I think I spend too much time exploring the maps and seeing what's around the corner and watching what my little guys are doing instead of ignoring it all and just crank out units and fortify my base.

I'm very very tempted to try Tom Clancy's EndWar on the 360 though. I liked the demo and I've heard a lot of good things about the full game, plus it has the persistent war which gives it a sort of MMO-lite feel. Or something.