Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking a break

I will be logging off the "Interwaves" for a while, and will probably not post much anymore.

I was hoping to drive some conversations about AoC in general and discuss the game as a whole. But, it does look like traffic has dropped way off here, and I can only assume no one wants to read about the game.

Pretty disappointed actually.

I know I had an avid few of you, and I really appreciate your visits. I would just rather focus on the game as a whole and play it, and not discuss it I guess.

I suggest if people are on the fence, you should play as well.

I have really lost interest in the MMO genre as a whole though and I am unimpressed with how the genre has progressed. I have the one game I enjoy at this time, and I guess that is where I will be for the foreseeable future as well.

Good luck everyone, and have a pleasant trip on the net. I will leave the site up with my book readings and my character data at least.
I will also post a link to my photo albums, and drop those here for anyone that wishes to see them.

Cheers and thanks.


Valentein said...

I actually decided to get back in to the game in part due to your blog. Good luck in game!

Longasc said...

I guess there are quite a lot of people who would kill to get immersed into a MMO so much. Have fun.

I am looking forward to read again about your adventures in AoC. Late game instance reports of AoC are quite rare!

Scott said...

You got me back into the game too, although my PC is on the fritz so I'm lucky if any game/application doesn't outright crash.

But I've been reading every single AoC article, just not always something to comment on since I'm starting over and you're end-game.

Jayedub said...

It was reading about the patch 1.05 changes that got me excited about playing AoC again.

Your passion for the game is obvious and infectious, I love AoC and am glad that I gave the game another chance.

Anjin said...

There are worse things than enjoying your game so much that you'd rather play than write about it. Have fun, OE1. Make sure you keep your blogger password handy just in case. :)

MrAnderson said...

We all need a break from time to time, but it was rather sad to see you sign off twitter and then your blog. While I didn't play AoC in retail, I did enjoy your thoughts, comments and enthusiasm for the game.

I will miss your (sometimes blunt opinion) tweets and all the conversations they would have sparked. Maybe, just maybe there will be a new MMO title that will refresh your excitement for that type of game.

Linato said...

I've been reading every article as well through a feeder. I am due for a computer that can finally play AoC in the fall and I can not wait due to your posts.

It has been great hearing about your exploits, drooling over the pictures and just hearing about the game in general. I completely understand though about giving up blogging as between reading a few blogs and playing games, I'm out of time myself!

Openedge1 said...

Well...thanks for the comments.

I just need to breathe for a bit I guess, as I tend to be overzealous of my attitudes toward the genre as a whole.
I have really seen so much backlash in other avenues where I run, and it has made me think I just need to step back and gain focus again.

If there really is an interest here, I am debating about turning this site into an information hub for AoC, as this game really needs that.
So, I would pull stories and information from various sources and note them here.

Eventually I could get back into commentary. But, as of late, my commentary has become very UN-focused.

For now, I just need to really temper down, as I have become irritated at the genre and those entities it has created out of the mess (bloggers, twitterers and commenters).
I would prefer to not be the "Angry" blogger I have been in the past, and instead discuss my love of this game, until it burns to even think about it..

Thanks again and signing off....for the time being.

gordon said...

Sorry to see you go! I really enjoy reading your blog and everything about AoC. Please keep posting pics if anything else :)

As for feedback and comments etc, all I can say is that I find Blogger to be pretty frustrating to comment with. Everything pops up in a new window and I gotta use a silly OpenID and all of that guff. I'd recommend WordPress over it if you ever decided to revamp your blog!

Good luck with everything!!

adingworld said...

I have been back in AoC and your posts there was part of that decision.

However, I do not play it any longer, but do read here as I am still interested in seeing what is happening.

Good luck with the break.

Jason said...

Aw...c'mon brotha. I feed off of your snark.

Recharge your batteries, but please keep in touch. Drop us a line every once and awhile and let us know what you're up to. Maybe send me some flowers or sing Noah some love songs.

We lub you long time openedge1.

Take care.

Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)

jeff said...

I have really enjoyed reading about your experiences with AoC. You do for AoC what Ardwulf does for WoW with his play by play of evenings spent with his group running instances and such. To me this is what a blog is about - you just write about your experiences playing and even just working through game bugs. You don't try and solve the genre problems, but just relay your enthusiasm for whatever your currently playing. If I do play AoC it will be because your your blog.

Enjoy your break - ill definately be checking back here often for any updates.

Castamere said...

I read your stuff through Google Reader so not sure if that counts towards views or not. In any case I watch your blog specifically because it was hard to find anything else AoC related in the blogosphere. I don't play AoC anymore. Tried it for the trial they gave but just did not capture my interest. Nevertheless, like all my past MMO's, I did enjoy my time in them and do love to hear how the game is presently evolving and hear stories of individuals that truly love the game.

So if you decide to continue or expand this blog I'll still be here to check your updates! I hope you take a nice break - whatever decision you make will be for the best.

Yasmina said...

Yes, like others have said, your enthusiasm and details of your adventures have been a wonderful connection for me to this game. I'm well-burned out on MMOs, but I still find myself having fun when I pop in on Conan. I've always looked forward to your prolific articles.

Please take a good break but don't give it up; maybe you'll find you're writing due to inspiration rather than obligation.

tishtoshtesh said...

I'll admit, I have little interest in AoC, but it's been fun to see you enjoy it. So, if it's more fun than posting about it, by all means, go have more fun! :)

Slith said...

I find it hard too to "stick it out" with AoC, but I sense good things coming.

Keep it up man,