Monday, December 14, 2009

Age of Conan - The odd conundrum...

Every time I leave for a couple of days, some weird Age of Conan news strikes (both bad and good), and this one really takes the cake.

Located here at Fileplanet is a Free Trial, for unlimited usage.

You guessed it, another free trial that never ends. As the page states,,,"Play the first part of the game for free FOREVER!". First WAR and now Age of Conan.

Now, here is where it gets...odd.

First, this offer is "limited", thus, people can only sign up for this until the end of the year. So, why create new files and a new system to lock players into a certain number of levels, and say they can play free FOREVER, but then offer it for only a limited time? STUPID Funcom logic is my guess. But, we also all know...this will change. We are assured, that come next year, this offer will be open to EVERYONE. So, if you are NOT a Fileplanet subscriber, why bother signing up now.

Second, you must PAY for a subscription. "WHAT!"

To play Age of Conan's free trial, you must PAY for the FREE trial. WTF? More logic from stupid people who have NO clue.

Anyways, this is at least a good sign, and I will wait until 2010, so I can start an alt...hehe.

Also. Wonder how that kiddy MMO is going for Funcom. More on that soon.

(EDIT: Well, whaddya know. Looks like they did not try the stupid idea above for very long. Now open to EVERYONE who starts a trial before..Jan 1st, 2010)

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